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Zotter Chocolates

Someone goes to Austria, brings back chocolate. It must be reviewed! While I can’t pronounce or really read most of the wrappers, I have the general idea and some feedback from those around me who also gave it a try. Especially awesome is that it looks like Duran Duran might be on one of the wrappers.

These also appear to be the brand name and run by some sort of mad cocoa scientist.

There were two kinds- Labooko- a 60% dark chocolate using Ecuador beans and a 85% with a 35% from Brazil and 50% from Ecuador.

Both were quite good, high quality dark chocolates, but nothing really special to write home about. A few taste testers summed it up best with “the dark chocolate tastes like dark chocolate.”

Zotter’sother two bars were filled chocolate candy bars. The first being an Orange Marzipan and the second being Weihnachtsknistern. (Yeah I can’t pronounce that either- turns out it’s apples and cinnamon cream.)

The orange marzipan I thought would be more marzipan, but it was more orange. The marzipan is a thin layer with a thin layer of a jelly orange on top covered in a nice milk chocolate. The orange jelly overpowered the marzipan, though delicious.

The apples and cinnamon cream one- though not loved by Cocoazilla (I thought it tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch without the crunch) was the favorite by far.

“It tastes like Christmas.”
“It tastes like apple pie.”

No matter how you look at it, chocolate souvenirs for the win.

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