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Zoë’s Chocolate Co

Zoë’s Chocolates Co. is an artisan chocolate maker that has been around since 2007. The company is run by three siblings who come from a lineage of chocolatiers.


I had the opportunity to try a sampling of their chocolates, which included four truffles and one of their chocolate bars.


Truffles and Chocolate BarThe packaging that came with the chocolates was very minimalistic. The truffles came in a plain brown box. Inside the box was a pamphlet outlining all the truffles offered by Zoë’s Chocolates. The chocolate bar came in clear packaging that was wrapped in simple brown string.

Inside the box were four different truffles, they were: Apple Pie, Persephone’s Pomegranate, Dionysus Baklava, and Caffe. The chocolate bar was the Raw Bar.Truffles open

Apple Pie

Apple Pie TruffleI was intrigued to try this chocolate.  After all chocolate is good and so is apple pie, therefore, apple pie flavored chocolate has to be amazing right?

Yes, yes it was amazing. It tasted like apple pie mixed with caramel with a hint of nuts. This was surrounded by a hard chocolate shell.

I definitely enjoyed this candy, although once I was finished, I was pretty disappointed there weren’t any more.

Persephone’s Pomegranate

What I really appreciated about this candy was the pomegranate didn’t overwhelm the chocolate. Instead the pomegranate was combined with a ganache that just melts in your mouth.

I usually don’t like fruit flavored chocolates, because generally the fruit completely overpowers all other flavors, and when I buy a chocolate, I want to actually taste the chocolate. But with this chocolate that wasn’t an issue, the two flavors were blended together very nicely.

Dionysus BaklavaDionysus Baklava

When I first heard of this chocolate, I knew I had to try it. I mean a chocolate that’s named after the god of wine and theatre has to be decadent right?

While I wouldn’t describe this chocolate as decadent, it was definitely delicious. It tasted like walnuts and honey were combined with a hint of chocolate.  What was very interesting was how this chocolate had a natural sweetness to it; it was unlike anything I’ve had before in a candy.


The final truffle I got to try was a coffee flavored chocolate. Being a lover of coffee I’m always looking to try anything coffee flavored.

This chocolate didn’t have the bitterness I usually associate with coffee; instead it tasted a lot like a mocha. Just like the pomegranate candy, the coffee flavor was blended with the chocolate to create a pleasant experience.

Of course, I absolutely love black, bitter coffee so I would have preferred a bitter candy. But that’s just my personal preference. It was still a tasty chocolate.

Raw Bar

Raw BarThe first thing I noticed was just how dense this bar felt. Then I looked at the label and saw that it weighed in at a whopping 3.5 oz.
The raw bar is a dark chocolate bar with chocolate flakes on top. I couldn’t find anything on the label that stated the percentage of dark chocolate, but the bar was appropriately bitter.

The chocolate flakes were a bit sweeter than the bar, and the combination of the sweet flakes mixed with the bitterness of the bar created an interesting experience.

Zoë’s Chocolate

I found the candy made by Zoë’s Chocolate to be exceptionally delicious, especially the truffles. While I enjoyed the raw bar, the truffles are going to be what I remember. Personally, I liked the apple pie one the best, but really, you can’t go wrong with any of these chocolates.

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