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Vosges Blood Orange Caramel Chocolate Bar

Katrina Markoff, Cocoa Heaven Idol

I have a lady crush on Katrina Markoff, the creator of Vosges Haut Chocolate. After graduating from Vanderbilt, Markoff sashayed off to Le Cordon Bleu to study… chocolate. After leaving Le Cordon Bleu, Markoff served as an apprentice to several international chocolate superstars. After tasting the blood orange caramel chocolate bar from Vosges, I am confident that Markoff is a master. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

There’s something pleasantly bougie about Markoff’s mission to help consumers “travel the world through chocolate.” After tasting Markoff’s inventive combinations, you will wonder if there is any other way to travel.

Sexy Packages

The Vosges experience was a positive one even before opening the box. The packaging is straight up pretty, with bright colors and excellent composition. Somebody on the Vosges team gets a gold star for an aesthetically satisfying collection.

Creative, Elegant Pairings

I had a hard time selecting a flavor for my exotic chocolate bar. Besides blood orange caramel, the Vosges offerings that jumped out at me were crispy _carrot, smoke & stout, pink Himalayan crystal salt, and something called Woolloomooloo, which may or may not be some kind of seed. Another reason to adore Katrina Markoff; she has given the world the gift of an entire line of bacon chocolates.

What Chocolate Should Be

I selected the blood orange caramel because the packaging was the most beautiful, and I stand by my decision. The chocolate squares are the perfect size, and they are plump with caramel. The flavors in the caramel/blood orange concoction blend well with the chocolate without being cloyingly sweet. I ate one square, and then I ate another. And another. And people in the office would ask me to do things and I would just be like:

“My eyes are on you but my heart is in this chocolate.”

And then when my Vosges bar was gone, I was like:


New Addiction

The blood orange caramel chocolate bar was like a gateway drug. I visited the Vosges website and spent the next hour or so trying to decide whether I should buy myself the “exotic truffle heart collection” or the “caramel toffee heart” for Valentine’s Day. Having seen what Katrina Markoff can do with caramel, I chose the latter.

Vosges chocolate is a wise, worldly purchase that will leave you wanting more. And more. And then some more. Have you tried any of Katrina Markoff’s other flavors. Tell us in a comment!

One thought on “Vosges Blood Orange Caramel Chocolate Bar

  • Anna

    wise and worldly! 2 words I don’t always associate with chocolate, but it makes me want to buy this stuff right now.

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