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Revisiting Cookies n’ Cream Twix

Everyone know Twix bars from the Mars company; you see it in the grocery store, you eat the minis at Halloween and out of your dry cleaner’s candy dish. But, have you ever really thought about the rich chocolatey history or recall the brief experimental flavors of the ’90’s?

Flashback if you will to the early 1990’s when the Mars company decided to go beyond the classic caramel and peanut butter staples and welcome in: Cookies and Cream Twix and Fudge Twix. Now we won’t even get in to the other experimental flavors from overseas (Mint, Orange, Triple Chocolate, Coffee…the list goes on) but for that were in to experimenting you would have enjoyed the Fudge and Cookies and Cream flavors. I know I did! So let’s break it down, Fudge first.

Fudge Twix was a mouthful, I remember the thick chocolate sticking to the roof of my mouth like the Peanut Butter Twix, but without the pleasant aftertaste. Even as a chocolate lover, the Fudge Twix almost proved to be too much. As Caramel being the all-time favorite, I found that fudge filled Twix was simply OK.

Cookies and Cream Twix, however, fast became a competitor for the favor of all time with caramel. Back then, the cookies and cream flavor in a candy bar was pretty revolutionary. Not like now where it’s fast become a regular flavor, but then it was like getting Oreo cream filling smashed in with the goodness of Twix. Consuming Cookies and Cream Twix became a favorite past time. And not just for me, as there are several online petitions out there encouraging the Mars company to once again bring back the goodness of Cookies and Cream Twix.

Short, but sweet, was the run of the Fudge and Cookies and Cream Twix varieties. If you remember the hey day of these treats, let me know what you thought!

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62 thoughts on “Revisiting Cookies n’ Cream Twix

  • Jessie

    I dearly miss the Cookies N’ Cream Twix. I remember the pool I used to go to when I was little had all four flavors for awhile. Apparently, I am the only person I know who remembers when there were the two other flavors. The Twix letters were blue on one label and on the other they were brown. I had to go searching for the truth because no one believed me! I really want the Cookies N’ Cream one back. I remember the fudge, but it was kind of a take it or leave it.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    You are not alone! Sign the petition and let’s bring back Cookies n’ Cream Twix. I could live off that one and Caramel.

  • Moshakey

    I remember when all four flavours were available: caramel, peanut butter, fudge, and cookies n’ cream. My all-time favourite candy bar, hands down, was the cookies n’ cream. I wish they would bring it back! I agree with both of you–bring it back! And, Jessie, I have had that same response…barely anyone remembers the cookies n’ cream when I bring it up…

  • Helen

    I agree that cookies and cream were the best flavor. I have been looking for them for years. It would be great if they brought them back. I’m glad there are people with good taste that want to have some tasty candy back that reminds of us of our childhood.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    I noticed that Mars is doing “retro” packaging for M&Ms, the candy itself is the same, but I would so love to see chocolate companies go “retro” with their flavors too!

  • Jillian

    I LOVED the Cookies ‘N’ Cream Twix Bars. They were soooo good. I can’t believe they stopped making them, because I’m seeing now that it isn’t just me who misses them. I really hope they bring them back. There’s really no reason not to. They could sort of do a trial run where they said it was a limited time only thing, just to see how the sales would go, and then they could be sure that people would buy them. I think at this point they’d sell better than the caramel Twix.

    Another candy bar I miss was when they did a limited time deal for the 101 Dalmations movie. It was a white chocolate candy bar with little crunchy chocolate candies in it. I don’t know if anybody else remembers that one.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    Vaguely. I can’t say I ever tried it though. Unfortunately the i-petition on bringing back the Cookies n’ Cream Twix doesn’t seem to be doing much.

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  • Club Penguin Cheats

    My all-time favourite candy bar, hands down, was the cookies n’ cream. I wish they would bring it back! I agree with both of you–bring it back! And, Jessie, I have had that same response…barely anyone remembers the cookies n’ cream when I bring it up…

  • Sexy Tiger's Girl

    My all time favorite is the Peanut Butter Twix. The chocolate cookie is SO MUCH better than the vanilla cookie in it. It seems to be popular where I live in the States cuz I always see almost empty boxes on shelves in the stores. The Caramel one is ok, but gets boring after time. The “oldies” Cookies N Cream and the Fudge ones weren’t that “special”, just another couple of flavors passing thru life.

  • GGJ

    Thank you for posting this!! :-)

    I loved the Cookies and Cream Twix bar. I was sooo sad when they stopped making them.

    To me, the Fudge Twix was way too sweet and not remarkable.

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  • Tess

    i remember when i was little and i tried the twix cookies n cream i thought it was so delicious… the company should bring it back

  • Randy

    I miss the Cookie’s N Creme Twix very badly, it was my all time favorite candy bar i havent had one since I was 11 or 12 years old I have called the Twix company many times to request them to bring it back but they just will not seem to ever bring it back it was a lot better then all the other Twix flavors I think if they were to bring it back now it would sell a lot better then the Java Twix. It has been gone for many years now and it is just not looking very good for them bringing it back but i wish there was some way.

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  • kel

    i am constantly talking to people about the cookies n’ cream twix and i have had MULTIPLE people tell me i am crazy and that it never existed! i am soooo glad to hear that other people know of it and i SOOO wish they would bring it back!!!

  • Valorie

    The last time I had a Cookies & Cream twix, I was about 7. I still think about that candy bar til this day and I’m 26 now. Please bring it back. Why’d you take it away in the first place?

  • Sarah

    I LOVED the cookies and cream twix!!! I was also very young when they were sold so they must have been amazing to have made the impression that they did on me. I have actually dreamt of finding them for sale and buying all the boxes in the store so that I would never have to go with out them again. Funny but true. Hope they come back one day so my own daughter can try!!

  • Sierra

    I miss the cookies and cream twix. I became alergic to chocolate and could’t have it for several years. Recently I tried chocolate and for the first time in 10 years I am able to eat chocolate again. I have been asking around for the cookies and cream twix and butterfinger bbs. They were the best! To bad they don’t have either anymore.

  • Missy

    I found a little blue clippy thing while going through all of old kitchen things from the basement. It looks sort of like a plastic barrette and inside it says twix-it..

    Wondering if anyone knows what this is. Thanks

    p.s. I love twix.

  • Preston

    Twix Cookies and Cream were awesome. Easily the best Twix variety I have ever tried. I can’t believe the company stopped making them. I am obviously not alone in my opinion by reading the other comments. Maybe it was just not marketed heavily enough, because if you ask the average person today they don’t even remember the Cookies and Cream or Fudge varieties ever existed. Once again they were great.

  • Destiny

    I was about 9 the last time I had one it was my favorite. I have been waiting way to long. Bring back cookies n cream twix.

  • Jeff

    Every once in awhile I will ask someone if they ever had one or even remember the cookies and cream flavor and most of the time it’s a no. Not for me, I remember it like it was yesterday and honestly miss it a lot! I just looked it up and couldn’t believe it was only around for one year (1990)! Not sure why, because I personally thought it was the best flavor barr nunn! Anyway, it would be really awesome if Mars would bring it back to stay.

  • Jessica

    Bring back Cookies n Cream!!!! That was my all time favorite Twix. Everytime you get a favorite they always stop making it. Like alot of peole who commented there are some who dont remember the other flavors but the cookies n cream was the best. At least bring it back for a limited time

  • Kay

    Super pout! I so loved Cookies ‘n Cream Twix. There are people out there that don’t believe me or think I’m confused when I say that it was the greatest Twix. Most people don’t even remember them. But oh I still dream of going roller skating on Saturday night and getting a Coke and Cookies ‘n Cream Twix and everything being perfect in the world. D*mn Mars for not bringing it back!!!

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    I know! And it was just announced that Twix is unveiling a Coconut Cookie Bar April 2011. Screw that! I want Cookies’ Cream Twix!

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  • nick

    I remember eating these when i was little and these are easily the most memorable treat i have ever eaten. Im pretty sure they werent only made in 1990 considering i was born in 1988 and wouldnt recall eating candy at 2. I remember visiting my grandma in hawaii when i was young and would go to the corner store and get a cookies and cream twix bar. Then I came back to california and I could never find them again and I remember asking people if they recall ever eating one and they thought i was confused about a actual cookies and cream twix bar. And btw Sarah i also had a dream about buying a cookies and cream twix bar again a couple years ago and i was devastating waking up the next morning and realizing once again they know longer exist. MARS DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

  • nick

    And If they really unveil a Coconut Twix i think i might lose it i cannot stand coconut!!!!!!!
    I am prolly going to have another twix nightmare =(

  • aaron

    yes…bring back cookies n creme twix. it was the only one that i liked. i dont care for any of the other twixes.

  • tiff

    i thought i was the only one that remember cookies n creme twix..everyone i ask has no idea what i am talking about! I LOVE THEM!!! they need to bring them back!!

  • Nate

    I remember those days. I used to get all four at once because I liked them all. Now since the Cookie N Cream as well as the Fudge Twix are gone ,but certainly not forgotten. I’ve been looking for a good chocolate shortbread recipe to make my own CNC and Fudge Twix.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    Now that’s a great idea. Twix is showing no signs of bringing back the coveted flavor no matter how much I whine.

  • john

    Cookies and Cream twix was a favorite of mine.
    The fudge was Ok. Heck, A fudge twix would be a treat right now.

    I would pay 100$ for a cookies and cream twix (frech)

    I wonder how sick you would get from eating a vintage in wrap cookies and cream twix.
    That would probably bring some chump change on eBay just for the colloectors value alone.
    Imagine the scientific tests we could preform on it. Eventually the Cookies and Cream Twix could be cloned for all to enjoy

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  • Charish

    I freaking loved the cookies n cream and omg I wish they would bring it back. I do love the original and peanut butter but man that cookies n cream yum…Now I want one:(

  • Raushel

    I just posted on fb how I want cookies n cream and a friend of mine was very sure there was no such thing. so I googled it to prove my point. Im glad to see all of you miss them too!

  • Keri

    Please bring back the Cookies n Cream twix. I miss them and they are one of my favorite candy bars.

  • Richie

    Hands down Cookies n’ Cream was the best Twix in Candy bar history. Everyone who feels the same way I do needs to go to the Twix website and e-mail them and tell them to bring it back or we as a whole will boycott the Twix brand 4EVER!!!

  • Jon

    I can remember going to Georgia Southern University. In the Foy building which was the music building they put this delicious candy bar in for us. So, I tried it and IMMEDIATELY had my favorite candy bar. It got to the point that a group of about 6 of us FOUGHT to get the last one or as many as we could. We finally convinced the vending machine guy to put in two rows of it.. then three.. then FOUR! IT was always sold out before he had a chance to come back the next week to fill it up. I have seen on facebook a page to bring it back. YES PLEASE!!! bring my favorite candy bar back

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  • Melanie

    I am so glad I found this…I was starting to think maybe I was crazy and that the cookies n cream never existed and maybe i just dreamed it up. Every time I ask someone about it I feel like a total idiot because everyone acts like it never existed! I will look at this petition for sure because i would love for them to bring it back. The caramel twix is my favorite candy bar, but if they had the cookies n cream i would definitely choose it over the caramel.

  • Melissa

    I love, love, love the cookies and cream twix- by far my favorite candy bar, but no one I know remembers it either. I’m so signing the petition :)

  • Angela Tyer

    Cookies n’ cream!!!!! I miss u oh so much:( There is just not a flavor like it!!!!

  • Mike Crawford

    Mmmmm Cookies n Cream Twix sooo amazing. The candy bar that got away…its unique flavor maybe dead but never forgotten . MARS Listen to the public and bring it back.

  • Lori

    Holy moly! Twix is one of my all time favorite candy bars! Hands down, the cookies and cream Twix was a fantastic switch up from the traditional caramel perfection! I don’t know if you can see my email address, but it is one of the original slogans of Twix, 2 for me, none for you. When I joined aol they insisted I start my email address with a letter so I put the L in front of it. I love Twix and Mars bars. I wish they would resurrect the cookies and cream version, even for a brief time.

  • emily fruetel

    Please I beg of you to bring back the cookies and cream twix, I have never craved anything else as much as I have as the Cookies and cream !!!!!!!

  • Mary

    OMG! I was beginning to think I imagined the cookies and cream twix too!…I also had the same response when I would mention the cookies and cream flavor; no one remembered it…which might be why Mars stopped making it. But it left a lasting impression on me becauseI used to have to have one everyday….and I was dumdfound when they stopped making the cookies and cream and opted to keep the peanut butter when everyone knows Reese’s will always be the better peanut butter and chocolate candy combination. So I have signed the petition too and I sent emails I hope they will listen to the consumers and BRING BACK COOKIES AND CREAM TWIX!

  • Karmah1025

    I loved the cookies and cream twix and wish they would bring it back…only if it’s for a limited time. I NEED THESE!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    I so miss the cookies & cream twix. I really wish they would make these again so I stock up at least enjoy for a little while. I always ask people if they remember these but look at me like i’m crazy no one remember these ever so tasty little bars. Now I know I’m not alone :)


    I used to get the cookies and cream twix every day during lunch in high school. It was by far my favorite. PLEASE bring it back:)

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