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Tumbled Dark Chocolate Ice Wine Raisins

Ah Moonstruck Chocolates. I tried in vain to get to one of your many cafes in Portland but had to settle for mail order instead. This intriguing product of tumbled chocolate ice wine raisins was just too good to pass up.

It’s eclectic, but I like it. I also really like that they put a little history on the side of the box. “Tumbled” chocolate apparently dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians, who would drizzle chocolate over dried fruits, adding layer after layer, rolling and tossing it until it became pebble like.

Yes, that is gold on the outside. A nice glossy surface flecked with gold. The ingredients list it as “gold powder” with artificial colors and a little titanium dioxide. Additionally, actual ice wine is listed as an ingredient, along with the usual cocoa butter types. There is one pretty golden raisin in each nugget.

I don’t taste gold, so that’s good. Or chemicals. The dark chocolate is a nice subtle bitter with a creamy tone and texture. The ice wine raisins provide a nice sweet boost and are definitely better than your run of the mill Raisinettes. There’s a richer overall flavor with the sweet stickiness of the ice wine raisin in addition to being fun to eat.

Bottom line: A keeper. But at $10.95 a package, a very special occasion or gift giving keeper.

2 thoughts on “Tumbled Dark Chocolate Ice Wine Raisins

  • Vegan Chocoholic

    I loooove the packaging, and it’s nice that they included the historical tidbit. However, I still cannot get over the idea of eating gold! :P

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