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Truffettes de France: A Costco Special

If you happen to be browsing around your local Costco this November and December, keep an eye out for Truffettes de France, Chocolate French Truffles dusted with cocoa powder. Costco brings these in by the pallet full every holiday season, but if you try and find it online good luck, it’s not there. This is an in store special only. And it is special, for $9.99 a 2lb box, good luck beating that. But just because it’s low cost, is it low taste?

At first, it doesn’t look like much, in fact it looks pretty gross.

Actual size: inch across, inch tall and inch wide.

Inside, they look pretty much the same:

With a little light and with no light, you can see just how dark this truffles are.

But how do they taste?

The first ingredient is vegetable oil and that’s pretty prevalent from the texture as soon as you start chewing. Not to say that it’s bad, it’s certainly smooth, but it’s not the milky smoothness you expect from a truffle. It is most certainly a very dense piece of chocolate.

It’s sweet and very chocolatey tasting with a faint crunchiness of sugar in the background (that or my sample piece rolled in sand) and while it’s good, I know I couldn’t possibly eat more than a couple of pieces. After that, sugar coma will set in and I’ll start to feel sick from the overload.

The verdict: buy them and set them out at your next holiday gathering. They’ll be sure to disappear but you won’t be tempted into eating the whole box in one sitting and then fall victim to early onset sugar comas.

44 thoughts on “Truffettes de France: A Costco Special

  • Angie

    I have tried the chocolates, and they are soooo great!! I have spent two years looking for the chocolates and finally found them. mmm yummy!!

  • mike

    These chocolates are disgusting they have a fake taste, probably because they use ingredients never called for. These not Truffels. using not real butter. Disgusting I am giving mine away to someone who will eat them.

  • Kathryn

    These truffles are AMAZING. They completely melt in your mouth and don’t have that typical sugary sweet chocolate taste. The cocoa dusting gives an immediate almost bitter taste which is quickly followed by melt in your mouth heaven. Extremely moreish.

  • Wanda

    I was given these as a gift. I opened them and did not expect the powdery outside. Once I popped one in my mouth I was hooked for life. I have compared these with the truffles from World Market ($16 a pound). The Costco version is SO much better ($5/lb). If you love dark chocolate, you will love these! And you will NOT be tempted to eat them endlessly. They are satisfying sweets!

  • Robin

    Someone gave a box to my husband as a gift, and it was love at first bite! To keep it from melting, I refrigerate it. We’ll definitely buy our own box at Costco next year. It is one of the best chocolates we’ve ever had.

  • Lydia Hawk

    I received 4 lbs. of these truffles as a gift. See the Pepperidge Farm website for “chocolate ravioli” using their puff pastry. My plan is to use them as the filling for these mini-chocolate croissants and take them to work. Hey, I just can’t eat 4 lbs. of chocolate all by myself!!!

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    Um, wow. That is the best idea I have ever heard! I need to run down to Costco before they’re gone for the season!

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  • Carla

    When I think chocolate truffles, I think Lindt or See’s Candy. Something like that. But when my sister in-law brought these chocolates over and I tried one. OMG! I love these chocolates sooo much, they’re the richest form of chocolate candy I’ve tasted. THE best!!!

  • "ma.luisa magsadia-banal

    This cholocate is so fantastic, my two kids can’t resist to have it… so yummy and ooooohhh…. so thin and melts on the tongue and can’t resist to have more bites.
    Fantastic can’t have any other chocolates than TRUFFETTES… LOVE IT..

  • Allergy and Immunology resources

    When I think chocolate truffles, I think Lindt or See’s Candy. Something like that. But when my sister in-law brought these chocolates over and I tried one. OMG! I love these chocolates sooo much, they’re the richest form of chocolate candy I’ve tasted. THE best!!!

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  • Alex B

    these are SOOOOOO DISGUSTING, taste like CRISCO blended with COCOA – almost like eating cheap cake frosting, but more dense. NOT ANY TRUFFLE is listed in the ingredients…they’re made mostly of VEGETABLE OIL! ~~~~~~~NASTY~~~~~~~~

  • ana

    Are these chocolates in all Costco locations or just in Canada.. I didn’t think Costco import its products :)

  • Brian

    You get what you pay for. These are not very good at all. If you’ve had good truffles, you will find these very disappointing.

  • Mya

    Ok, so i got these as a gift for christmas and they are ok. . . Deff. NOT the best chocolate ever but they are WAY too chocolaty! maybe if the pieces were smaller but they are very smooth and run down your throut very smoothe. As a matterafact im eating one right now . Hmmm i would much rather suggest HERSHYS pot of gold pecan caramel clusters they are SOO good! it has light chocolate on the outside and when you bite down you crunch into pecan and caramel MMMMMM way better than truffles but ya soo try both and ENJOY!

  • Stephanie

    All i can say is AMAZING!!!!!! Got them as a gift from a client at work, and im hooked! Dangerous little addiction forming

  • ella

    hey maybe these truffles are one of those things that you either love, or you hate. Personally, I like them a lot, but they are a bit different from “the normal” truffle, which might be why some people dislike them. oh well, more for me! :D

  • Dorothy

    Truffles make the world go around!
    They are the most delicious things covered in cocoa ever made by the human hand!
    Nothing compares to their taste :)

  • Jim

    Hey, if there are better tasting ones out there, don’t tell me…I can’t stop eating these and wouldn’t you know, my wife only got me 2 boxes this year! ! ! Next year I’m going to “back up the wagon” and mortgage the farm……

  • Erik

    These Truffettes are a sorry excuse for chocolate. They’re made from palm oil and use no actual cocoa butter. They do not have the consistency of chocolate. In the ingredients, “low-fat cocoa” is listed. An extremely deceptive way of saying they lack cocoa butter, aka they can’t legitimately be called truffles. As one other commenter put it, its like eating chocolate flavored crisco. Gross.

  • Solome51

    I agree with this review. I like them, but can’t eat but a couple at most in one sitting. I first tasted them at a holiday event and like them. However, I am left with the entire bag for myself after trying to share them at a family event. To each his own.

  • Jeff S.

    These “Truffettes de France: A Costco Special” have been a seasonal favorite of mine for years. They just arrived this year and I bought two boxes. I must admit, that while they look the same, there seems to be something different about them–not as good as in past years. I wonder if I just got a bad box or maybe they have changed the ingredient. I noticed a slight after taste that was not present in previous years.
    They are not the same as the varieties made with butter, but for the price they are were compelling. However, this is likely my last purchase, which is sad, because I usually purchase 8-10 boxes each year. I bet they let some bean-counter purchase the ingredients.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    WOW. That is really disappointing to hear. I just saw the giant pallets of them the other day and was thinking about getting some.

  • Maria

    Costo does not have them anymore. I went back after Christmas and they were out. Buy the way I didn’t pay $9 for a 2.2lb box . I paid only 5.79 a box . Could not believe it so I bought 4 boxes. If i had know they would be a closeout I would have purchased much much more.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    That’s too bad! I heard they were slightly different this year as well too. They’ll be back next year.

  • Rebecca

    The best I have ever had! Costco is sold out- where can I buy locally? I reside in Washington, DC.

  • Wilson

    This is the second year we bought these truffles at Costco. The uneducated palate may not appreciate the cocoa powder or the soft, rich chocolate truffle itself; however, they are sinfully wonderful and decadent. These are as good as some of the truffles we experienced during our travels in France.

    The manufacturer’s web site ( provides information on their selection and process.

  • Sue

    These are the best truffles I have ever had – I absolutle love Dove chocolates, but this surpasses those. They melt in your mouth, and I cannot have just one. They are also great with a cup of coffee. I recommend them highly.

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  • Cheri Crank

    I was given a bag of these, no box, and MUST know the ingredients… I can’t find it anywhere on the web. My son has a serious allergy and while this SHOULD be safe, we have learned the hard way not to trust that. Do you have the ingredients?


  • Cheri Crank

    Oh, and I have LOVED these for years, but haven’t HAD them in years either. Can’t wait to open the bag.

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  • BocaJo

    I just used up my last bit, and I am upset to learn that these truffles are only available at Christmas. I love to soften them in the microwave and spread or drizzle the melted deliciousness over pound cake, strawberries, etc. M-m-m-m-m-m!

  • Wendy

    I’ve purchased more truffles from Costco this year. I usually just adore them, but they taste less flavorful and more sugary to me. Has anyone else tried them yet this year?

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    Haven’t had a chance yet but now that you say that, I’m definitely going to and find out!

  • Lydia

    When these were first bought, I thought these were the ones that I would never try again. Dang, was I wrong! These were bought post season at Costco, not knowing what we were getting into. What caught our attention was Truffles since we were craving chocolate. Went back to Costco to find they were gone. These are amazingly delicious, especially if you love, love, love chocolate!!! Now I am doing research on where to buy more for my sweetie for Heart’s Day (and that is everyday!). :)

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