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Things that Do NOT Go with Chocolate

It’s true, chocolate goes with just about everything. Just about. There have been creations and combinations I never would have thought to put together (chocolate pasta, bacon chocolate, basil and more foods combined with chocolate) but just like any good thing, there is such a thing as too much. Some things were just not ever meant to be. So check out these 7 foods combined with chocolate for some truly gross chocolate combinations.

Peanut and Ketchup Chocolate Bar

Zotter made it. Chocolate Reviews ate it. They are far braver than I.

Coconut Curry Chocolate

Theo Chocolates has some interesting combos, like bread and chocolate, fig, fennel and almond, to name a couple, but the Coconut Curry Chocolate actually made me spit out what I was eating. I like curry. I like chocolate candy. Just not together apparently.

Skittles and Chocolate

Chocolate covered original Skittles would be fine, it’s the chocolate flavored Skittles that are truly gross. Sure the idea of brownie and chocolate pudding sounds great, but I have to agree with the Candy Addict. These are super gross.

Cumin and Dark Chocolate Truffles

Restless Chipotle has a recipe for creating this confection at home so that you can judge for yourself. They claim that it’s awesome…but after the curry chocolate from Theo, I’m hesitant.

Soy Sauce Kit Kats

No. No. No. This should not be. The Impulsive Buy felt the same way. Do not eat this. Induce vomiting if so.

Chocolate Covered Garlic

Once again, two things I love, garlic and chocolate- but NOT together. Good lord no. Although naming it “Black Power Chocolate” lends it a couple of cool points.

Chocolate Covered Pickles

I am not even going to mention what these remind me of. Much less suggest anyone ingest these. $40 per pound doesn’t help either.

If this hasn’t destroyed your appetite, nothing will, so go ahead and grab the craziest chocolate combination you can. If it did, I am sorry- no chocoholic should suffer so.

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