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The Sarah Palin Chocolate Bar

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When I think “Alaska,” chocolate is not the first thing that comes to my mind. What does come to mind is a certain ex-governor-turned-media-pundit who enjoys shooting moose while riding in helicopters and looking like Tina Fey. Well, the state of Alaska may have gotten the hint to capitalize on its most famous (and now former) resident. With the midterm elections five weeks away, I felt it appropriate to do a review on the Sarah Palin novelty chocolate bar from Alaska (and at $3.95, I’m hoping this is worth it).

Sarah Palin Chocolate Bar


The wrapping is brightly colored yet frightening at the same time, thanks to the picture of Sarah Palin on the front. Apparently it’s marketed towards those who find the ex-governor attractive and implies that this piece of dark chocolate can warm you up (even in the North Pole). If I didn’t find the prospect of Sarah Palin holding high federal office absolutely terrifying, I would appreciate the packaging a little more.

Sarah Palin Unwrapped


Thankfully, I do not have to look at Sarah Palin while actually taking a bite of this chocolate candy. A couple of chocolate flakes were lying on top when I opened the wrapping, giving the bar a dry appearance. Then again, it is dark chocolate, which I always find a bit dryer and rougher than milk chocolate. The bar is separated into six pieces which makes it ideal to share this Sarah Palin goodness amongst your friends. Bon Appétit!

Sarah Palin Bite


For an overly-priced, novelty chocolate candy bar, the taste isn’t half bad. Biting into it was much easier than I thought it was going to be given its rough and dry appearance. There’s nothing exciting about it on the inside, but that doesn’t take away from the dark chocolate taste. So I’ll end this chocolate review by saying if you’re in Alaska and want a piece of Sarah Palin-mania, go ahead and buy one of these dark chocolate bars. I, for one, will be hoping she stays in the business of media punditry and out of the business of actual governing.

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