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The Chocolution’s Organic Chocolate-Making Kit


This afternoon I sashayed off to my office’s kitchen with my Chocolution Mayan Magic chocolate-making kit, imagining myself elbow-deep in decadent homemade chocolate, like Vianne from the film Chocolat. Chocolution provides “raw chocolate,” which means that the chocolate has not been exposed to heat over 42 degrees Celsius. I was not deterred by the lack of kitchen supplies in my office, and I set out to prove that it is possible to make delicious, dairy-free organic chocolate in an office environment, even when you lack the saucepan, heat-proof bowl, spoon, and extra flavors that the instructions suggest. I found a mug and a plastic fork and I went to work. Just like the Mayans.

Melt It!

There were three packages of solid chocolate to melt, so I emptied them all into my mug and put them in the microwave for two minutes. I suspect that taking the microwave shortcut (instead of slowly melting the chocolate over boiling water) may be the reason my chocolates came out looking deformed, but I had limited resources and it didn’t seem to affect the taste.

Incidentally, this is not a good moment at which to taste-test the chocolate. I couldn’t help myself, because it smelled fantastic and looked fantastic, but it was incredibly bitter and I felt betrayed. I don’t understand how the Mayans drank raw cocoa. I looked like these babies eating lemons.

Mix It!

The kit comes with three packets of agave syrup, a healthier liquid sugar, and the number of packages you use determines the sweetness of the chocolate—I only used two packets and the flavor was perfect, but I like dark, slightly bitter chocolate. I used my plastic utensils to gently stir in the agave syrup, until the mixture was smooth.

Mold It!

At this point, you are supposed to delicately spoon the liquid into the provided molds. Lacking a spoon, I gently forked the chocolate into the molds. The first four chocolates came out perfectly. The chocolate drizzled into the little cups and I began to consider a career as a confectioner.

Then, likely because of a human error on my part, the mixture began to solidify, and I began frantically plopping lumpy bits of chocolate into the cups.

Messy Chocolates

I had expected them to look a little closer to this;

Beautiful Pralines

Eat it!

Even though my chocolates were super ugly, I was sold when I tasted one—the flavor is powerful, dark, and a little spicy. I don’t use agave often, but I was pleased at how the syrup cut the bitterness without being cloyingly sweet. Besides tasting great, the chocolates were healthy and fun to make, even in the office kitchen, and I will definitely be keeping a Mayan Magic chocolate-making kit around for when I need a chocolaty diversion.

Win Your Own Chocolution Kit

AND- you can win your very own Mayan Magic chocolate-making kit from Chocolution! We have one extra kit courtesy of Chocolution to giveaway to one lucky CH reader! Just leave a comment on this post and we’ll choose a winner at random on July 10th!

8 thoughts on “The Chocolution’s Organic Chocolate-Making Kit

  • Lindsay

    I can attest that these chocolates were delicious. Smooth and full of cocoa flavor, I was a big fan. A word of caution though: Like the author I’m a big fan of darker chocolate so be prepared for a slightly bitter and deeply cocoa flavored end product.

  • Isla

    First of all, thank you for sharing the deliciousness. The flavor is definitely authentic with a dry aftertaste. It reminded me a lot of some Guatemalan chocolate my mom once smuggled home. Though I think those ladies used their mouths to make it somehow. Thank you for using the microwave instead and for including sugar (which they also did not).

  • Jipper

    OMG This is awesome.

    I had 2 because I loved them so much. They pair well with pretzels, though dark chocolate pairs well with just about anything.

  • Jack Martin

    These Chocolution DIY are great. Thick and delicious. If it looks like that when you make them, I can’t imagine what it would look like if I tried to do make them. But dang do they taste good.

  • Jarrod

    The chocolution chocolates tasted better than I expected. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate, but these were surprisingly edible. The presentation, however, left something to be desired. Overall I would give them a 7.5 out of 10.

  • Vegan Chocoholic

    These were surprisingly good! I even found myself thinking about them the day after. Not too dark or bitter. I can definitely see the potential for add-ins that would take them to the next level.

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