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TCHO Artisan Chocolate Candy

TCHO, a San Francisco based chocolate company/factory is “where technology meets chocolate; where Silicon Valley start-up meets San Francisco food culture.” An employee owned venture, their website goes into great depth as to their methods (where they get the cacao beans), recycling, technology and even “beta” editions of chocolate that they’re currently testing. Could this be The chocolate candy for nerds and geeks alike?

And yes, that is a flavor wheel on the back of the packaging. So, how does it taste?

TCHO Nutty Chocolate

Each TCHO chocolate candy has a name like “Nutty” “Fruity” “Citrus” or whatever, as represented on their flavor wheel.

The marriage of the packaging, flavors and overall messaging is very well put together and matches their website, which believe it or not, does add to the experience. The geometric patterns on the packaging outside and inside and what is imprinted on the chocolate makes for what I am hoping, will taste just as pretty as it looks.

The chocolate was not easy to break apart, but when it did, it snapped nice and clean. The dark chocolate “nutty” flavor is 65% cacao and is supposed to taste of “roasted nuts accented with hints of fresh brewed coffee and toasted biscuit.”

At first bite, the chocolate crumbles wonderfully but leaves a rather bitter aftertaste. It’s super smooth and I do taste hints of biscuit, but not so much of roasted nuts, just sweetness. It’s not bad, if you’re a coffee drinker that likes dark chocolate, this is well worth picking up. These were found at PCC Markets for $3.99 a bar.

TCHO Dark Chocolate Citrus

Same basic geometric packaging and bright gold foil interior, but with the promise of “a delicate flavor that evolves into a lively citrusy zing and ends with a light, smooth sour cream finish.”

This one broke apart a little easier than the Nutty version and shows a beautiful geometric pattern and a smooth interior.

Wow, this one does have sharp citrus bitter at the end! An excellently smooth chocolate, a little bitter at the start and then it zooms into a sharp, yet evenly smooth finish. Each bite I took was better than the last, but this is definitely for those folks who like to eat the occasional lemon slice and enjoy that zing of citrus.

4 thoughts on “TCHO Artisan Chocolate Candy

  • Thompson

    The citrus one was pretty good.

    The dark chocolate was a pile of crap. It was like someone was thinking about making dark chocolate, then half way through decided they didn’t want to offend anyone, and stopped. I had it with coffee. The coffee flavor went all Chris Brown on the Chocolate Rihanna’s face.

  • VeganChocoholic

    Jarrod must have a different model of taste-buds than me!

    I liked the “nutty” dark chocolate flavor…it’s pretty smooth considering it’s dark chocolate. I didn’t get the coffee or biscuit flavor at all (but I didn’t read the package before-hand, so I wasn’t expecting that. If I had noticed it the flavors would have been way too overpowering.)

    I didn’t care so much for the citrus flavor, although maybe if it was paired with the right drink or another dessert, it would be good.

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