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Swedish Marabou Co-Co Chocolate Candy

Oh those Swedes. They come up with Ikea, Aquavit and a veritable treasure trove of chocolate candy to choose from. In particular, Marabou, a Swedish chocolate company (despite having being acquired by Kraft Foods in the early ’90’s) is the ruler of Swedish supermarkets. Go into any supermarket in Sweden, check out their candy aisle and undoubtedly you will find several of the many, many kinds of chocolate candy they have to offer.

Today, we look at Co-Co, a toasted shredded coconut and peanut butter confection covered in milk chocolate. That’s right, I said coconut and peanut butter. I had to take the pictures on my lap in a car, obviously.

Marabou CoCo


It’s says Co-Co and it that is was it is, though the mention on peanut butter is really nowhere to be seen. On the back the Kraft Foods logo stares up at you through all the Swedish. The nice thing about not being able to read Swedish is that the calorie and fat content is much harder to figure out. In fact, so much harder, why bother? Ignorance truly is bliss.

Co Co Wrapper


These come in packs of two, which I liked, one bar for now, one bar for 5mins later. The chocolate candy is smooth and creamy looking and the inside clearly shows shredded coconut. The peanut butter is more noticable blended in with the coconut than what the picture on the package shows. The package almost leads you to believe that the bar is nothing but shredded coconut like a Mounds bar.

Swedish CoCo


Smells like coconut and milk chocolate mostly, but there is a faint hint of peanuts.

Marabou CoCo Chocolate


Pretty good! And I don’t like shredded coconut. I could really only take a couple of bites, the milk chocolate was nice and smooth, but it was the surprisingly well combined peanut butter and coconut flavors that made it sweet and salty at the same time.  The peanut butter was not overwhelming at all, the focus was primarily on the coconut and that really came through.

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