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6 (plus) Degrees of Separation: Costumes and Candy

From the author that gave you the Sarah Palin chocolate bar review

Have you ever played “6 Degrees of Separation”? Maybe you’ve heard of the game with actor Kevin Bacon? Well I had a funny idea cross my mind as I was sitting at home watching some random horror movie commercial. Halloween is almost here. I have never been a big fan of the holiday myself (which stems from a childhood incident where a couple neighborhood bullies tried to take my candy), but I like to see what costumes people come up with. I began to wonder if certain candy matched certain costumes and whether or not I should have an arsenal of different candies ready come Halloween night.

I decided to play the game of 6 degrees of separation to find out which candies paired with which costumes.

The way it works: I picked ten Halloween costumes at random. The candy has to be at least six degrees separated from the costume.

Number One: Zombie

Not a surprising costume pick, but it’s bound to be a popular one this year. So, what should you give a zombie this Halloween?
Degree 1: Zombies are reanimated corpses that come from
Degree 2: Cemeteries, which have lots of
Degree 3: Headstones, which are made of
Degree 4: Rock, which is the stage name for
Degree 5: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was a professional
Degree 6: Wrestler, who fights in a ring and bounces off the
Degree 7: Ropes, which reminds me of
Degree 8: Licorice, the most popular brand of which is
Degree 9: Twizzlers.
zombie —> Twizzlers

Number Two: Nerd

You remember that person at school. You might even be that person. But I’m not here to find out who’s a nerd. I’m here to find out what you should give a nerd for Halloween (because giving them nerd candies is far too easy and unoriginal).
Degree 1: Nerds are stereotypically seen with
Degree 2: Calculators, which are used to calculate
Degree 3: Numbers, which are almost always found on
Degree 4: Clocks, which is the name of an awesome song from
Degree 5: Coldplay, which an Alternative Rock band from
Degree 6: England, which is where you can find lots of tea and
Degree 7: Biscuits, which I prefer to be
Degree 8: Crispy, which is also a common adjective used for
Degree 9: Wafers, which are found in
Degree 10: Kit Kat Bars.
nerd —> kit kat

Number Three: Ninja

This was my personal favorite costume as a kid…until I was nearly mugged for my candy when I was 10. I guess my disguise didn’t frighten the neighborhood bullies.
Degree 1: Ninjas are masters of
Degree 2: Karate, and everybody’s favorite karate teacher is
Degree 3: Mr. Miyagi, who taught Daniel how to block with his famous quote
Degree 4: “Wax on, wax off” while they were washing his
Degree 5: Car, which is used for
Degree 6: Racing, a sport which is famous for the
Degree 7: Indy 500, the winner of which chugs
Degree 8: Milk, which naturally leads me to think of
Degree 9: Milky Way.
ninjas —> Milky Way

Number Four: Football Player

This is a costume used by lots of little kids and some older ones that actually play football and are too unoriginal to come up with anything fun.
Degree 1: A famous Football Player is
Degree 2: Tom Brady, who plays for the Patriots of
Degree 3: New England, which is famous for
Degree 4: Clam Chowder, which is traditionally served with
Degree 5: Oyster crackers, the first part of which produces
Degree 6: Pearls, which are used in
Degree 7: Jewelry, which often uses
Degree 8: Gold, which, if massive enough, is shaped into
Degree 9: Bars, which are found in cells in a
Degree 10: Jail, which you go to if you mess with a
Degree 11: Police Officer, one of which was portrayed on TV by
Degree 12: Chuck Norris, who starred in a lot of action
Degree 13: Movies, which were screened in
Degree 14: Theaters, which are famous for serving
Degree 15: Popcorn, which is best served with
Degree 16: Butter, which leads me to
Degree 17: Butterfingers.
football player —> butterfinger

Number Five: Ghost

You know what? Anyone who is lame enough to put a sheet over themselves and call it a costume doesn’t deserve a proper candy bar. Give them a bag of pennies or some belly button lint because they should be ashamed of themselves.
ghost —> pennies

Number Six: Darth Vader

Now we’re getting more specific. The chosen boy turned evil lord of the Sith who was responsible for many tragedies all over the galaxy during his reign in power: an excellent choice for Halloween (or Comicon).
Degree 1: Darth Vader was a leader of an
Degree 2: Evil Empire, of which one actually existed during WWII in
Degree 3: Germany, which is home to the wonderful holiday of
Degree 4: Oktoberfest, which always involves lots of
Degree 5: Beer, which can be found in abundance at
Degree 6: College, which is where many students conduct an
Degree 7: Exam Crunch before a big test, which leads me to
Degree 8: Crunch Bar.
Darth Vader —> crunch bar

Number Seven: Mike “The Situation” or Snooki from Jersey Shore

Mike and Snooki pretty much define trashy TV…and you know you love it!
Degree 1: Jersey Shore Characters are all (or all claim to be)
Degree 2: Italian, which is a type of food famous for
Degree 3: Pasta, which goes great with
Degree 4: Wine, which is made from
Degree 5: Grapes, a common color of which is
Degree 6: Green, which leads me to
Degree 7: Sour Apple Blow Pops.
Jersey Shore Characters —> sour apple blow pops

Number Eight: The Mad Hatter

With the release of Alice in Wonderland earlier this year, I expect to see some good mad hatter costumes this Halloween.
Degree 1: The Mad Hatter is famous for serving
Degree 2: Tea, which is often served with
Degree 3: Coffee, much of which comes from coffee beans from
Degree 4: South America, which is home to many
Degree 5: Rain Forests, which contain plants and animals with
Degree 6: Bright Colors, which leads me to
Degree 7: Tropical Fruit Starburst.
mad hatter —> tropical fruit starburst

Number Nine: Harry Potter

Deathly Hallows Part 1 is almost here and you know you’re dying to see it just like everyone else.
Degree 1: Harry Potter is a boy that happens to be a
Degree 2: Wizard, which naturally reminds me of a
Degree 3: Magician, who stereotypically wears a
Degree 4: Top Hat, which was also famously worn by
Degree 5: Abraham Lincoln, who hailed from the state of
Degree 6: Illinois, which is home to the city of
Degree 7: Chicago, which is home to
Degree 8: The Chicago Cubs, which is a team that plays
Degree 9: Baseball, a famous player of which was
Degree 10: Babe Ruth, which leads me to
Degree 11: Baby Ruth Bar.
Harry Potter —> baby ruth bar

Number Ten: Lady Gaga

Arguably the most recognizable woman in America right now. She has so many outfits to copy that I expect to see some impressive renditions on Halloween. But if I see one meat dress, I may vomit.
Degree 1: Lady Gaga reminds me of the word
Degree 2: Extravagance, which is an adjective used to describe
Degree 3: Designer Fashion, which is a favorite of women and the
Degree 4: Gay Community, who proudly march with the colors of the
Degree 5: Rainbow, which leads me to
Degree 6: Skittles.
lady gaga —> skittles

There you have it! Now you know what to give these trick-or-treaters if they knock on your door on Halloween.

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