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Salazon Chocolate Co.

“Salazon” which means “salted” in Spanish aptly describes the Salazon Chocolate Co. which was born from the idea that a “simple salted-dark chocolate bar would be the perfect energy food”. (Plus their 100% organic cacao beans come from a single-origin, the Dominican Republic.)

So when this fabulous and plentiful array arrived, I got super excited, a little hungry and really sugared up. AND, Salazon has generously provided EIGHT bars for us to giveaway! The very ones you’ll see here in this post, so let’s dig in!



From closest to furthest: Natural Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Pepper, Sea Salt & Coconut, Sea Salt & Coffee, Sea Salt & Cane Sugar, Sea Salt & Caramel, Sea Salt & Almonds, Sea Salt & Cayenne.

These paper wrapped bars include a scenic photo and a picture of what the chocolate bar will look like. Between the bars, there are slight differences with the markings on the wrappers.

What you’ll always find though, is that all of these chocolates are organic. Some bars like Sea Salt & Almonds may not have the USDA logo but the first thing on the ingredients list is always Organic Dark Chocolate with it’s cacao percentage.


The topside of every 57% dark chocolate bar is sectioned off into tiny little bars that have the word “chocolate” on them. The 72% dark chocolate bars are sectioned off into friendlier, less intense, pieces that are each the size of three of their smaller counterparts.


Natural Sea Salt


I started with their original bar, Natural Sea Salt at 57% cocao. After opening the wrapper, I was presented with the sprinkled bottom side of the bar. The swirls and hand-sprinkled salt were beautiful and unique.

After a couple satisfying snaps, I was treated to a very smooth balance between sweet and salty. There was just enough salt to keep the flavor more interesting without being overpowered or overpowering along side the dark chocolate. The flavor then settles to rich, dark chocolate.

Black Pepper


The Black Pepper bar boasted a robust, full bodied flavor. Where as the Natural Sea Salt bar tapers off into a mostly chocolate flavor, the Black Pepper bar’s flavor stays consistent from start to finish. The black pepper gives the chocolate almost a smoky flavor that is in balance with the dark chocolate and sea salt. I freaking love black pepper.



On the wrapper of the Coffee bar, it states that the coffee beans are Fair Trade. I was concerned that the coffee beans would get in the way of the chocolate in terms of texture and taste but it turned out to be very pleasant in both regards. The bold flavor only lasts a short while as it the coffee flavor quickly tapers and becomes a subtle blend with the dark chocolate. The bar itself is utterly gorgeous, this is a perfect gift for a coffee and chocolate lover.

Cane Sugar


The Cane Sugar bar was very surprising. It wasn’t nearly as sweet as I thought it was going to be. I think it’s because the salt seemed to overpower the sugar and the sweetness I was tasting was from the dark chocolate itself. However, the Turbinado Cane Sugar that Salazon uses gives this bar a very delicious and subtle molasses flavor.



I understand that the main event is the dark chocolate but similar to the Cane Sugar bar, the salt overpowers the caramel. So much so that I couldn’t taste the caramel. Bit of a bummer.




Moving onto the 72% dark chocolate variety, I started with Coconut. I had expected subtle flavors at this point because of the Cane Sugar and Caramel bars but I was very surprised. The Coconut bar is perhaps the sweetest bar by Salazon despite it being 72% dark chocolate.

One possible issue I have with the bar, however, is that the coconut flakes inside the chocolate are tiny, very numerous, and seemed to linger for quite a while due to all the chewing.



Similar to the Coconut bar, the Almond bar has small pieces of almond inside the chocolate in addition to the sprinkled salt on the bottom. The texture of the almonds in the chocolate is just right and you won’t find yourself still chewing on the almonds long after the chocolate as been eaten. The overall flavor of the bar was very balanced with none of the ingredients overpowering one another.



The Cayenne bar is a lot more subtle in flavor than I expected. At first, I wasn’t able to really taste anything remotely cayenne up until the tail of the flavor. A tiny tingle and a spark of spice. It took a while but the spice was just right at the end.

Salazon Chocolate Co. – Salt Never Tasted So Good


Salazon Chocolate Co. has created something great. From the original concept of a salted-dark chocolate bar came an assortment of interesting and complex flavors. Above all else, their chocolate bars were simply delicious and I recommend them both for the Cocoazilla in you or for a fellow chocoholic!

So How Can You Win Your Own?

Pretty easy! Simply comment on this post, the Cocoa-Heaven Facebook page or on the Salazon Facebook page! We’ll aggregate those all together and choose a winner at random on May 28th, 2014!

(Winners will be notified via email or Facebook message.)

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  • Kristi

    I love chocolate give aways. Had not heard of this company, but I’ll likely start buying my own. It looks so amazing.

  • mary adams

    last year around Christmas we bought a chocolate mint “Dillettante” at Costco. I have tried to find it since but can’t find it on computer or at Costco. Can someone help me?

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