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Presidential Nominee Chocolate Candy Picks

Now that it’s official and Barack Obama and John McCain have picked their running mates and accepted their parties’ nomination, it’s time to dissect the candidates, Cocoa-Heaven style. Having searched and Googled in vain to find out what their actual favorite chocolate candies are, we’re going to assign them one based on personality and intuition.  And of course, the Vice Presidential candidates too!

Barack Obama: Chicagoan by way of Hawaii, Indonesia, Boston and New York, he’s sampled a wide array of fare. A former lawyer, father of two and has a very blended extended family. His favorite food is from an Italian pizzeria in Hyde Park, IL.

Therefore we pick: Cadbury’s Wunderbar. Not nuts, but everything else is in there: chocolate, caramel, peanut butter and rice crisps.

John McCain: Retired Naval captain, Arizona senator, is the oldest of our candidates, a Vietnam vet, 7 children and his favorite food is enchiladas. He likes the spiciness of the southwest, saltiness and his 90 something year old mother is still mothering him.

Therefore we pick: Snickers original. Smooth chocolate, salty peanuts, classic recipe.

Joe Biden: Senator from Delaware with an two unsuccessful bids for the presidency (1988, 2008) raised in Pennsylvania, this East Coaster is known for his one liners and sometimes saying a little too much. Father of 3 and the man with the foreign policy experience in this race, his favorite food is pasta.

Therefore we pick: Skor Toffee Bars. Smooth but chewy, bits get stuck in your teeth, but you power through. American in origin, but foreign in concept.

Sarah Palin: Runner up for Miss Alaska, TV reporter, mother of 5 and soon to be grandmother. No nonsense, in shape with a husband to match. Fishes, hunts and breast feeds. Her favorite food is moose, and loves all things Alaskan.

Therefore we pick: Harry and David’s Moose Munch. Technically not Alaskan in origin, but caramel, chocolate covered nuts and popcorn make up for that.

Think you know better? Or what their actual favorites are? Then I want to hear about it. Honestly I Googled them all and nothing.

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