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Nestle Aero Truffle Bar

While wandering through Victoria, B.C. I came upon a little stand of Nestle Aero Bars and saw what could only be a win: truffle bubble bar. Are my Canuck candy instincts right? Or have I huffed one too many jars of maple syrup?



Pretty straightforward, cheap mylar wrapper. The only complaint I would have is that based on the pictures and lack of words other than “new” and “nouveau” that it did not convey the texture of the bar accurately. More on that later.



This bar LOOKS like fun. Like chocolate bubble wrap. I actually want to pop it. It was hard not to.


Appearance Inside

As the package shows it has a multi-layer bubble-ness which did not disappoint. As I stated earlier, I thought the picture was misleading in the texture area. I thought the bubbles might be crispy and the top would be the truffle part. Instead, I found a pleasantly surprising difference- the airy “bubbles” actually had a very soft and melty texture like the Cadbury Flake bar!


The soft bubbles of chocolate melt in your mouth as did the super smooth truffle bubble on the top. The chocolate surrounding both was a nice, thin layer and these literally felt like you were eating chocolate air. The danger in that I had consumed three of the bubble squares before I even realized that I was on my fourth. Delicious.


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