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Must Make Halloween Chocolate Candy Recipes

Besides collecting the mini and fun sized chocolate candy this year, you may have a party that you’ve got to bring something for. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself and your closest trick or treaters. No problem! Check out these must make chocolate candy recipes for Halloween and get inspired! Each one contains a link to the recipe.

Chocolate Brownie Lollipops
Make these cute ghosts and jack o’ lantern chocolate pops at home and serve them up!
Chocolate Halloween Lollipops

Chocolate Truffle Spiders
Chocolate Truffle Spiders
These creepy crawlies are delicious and then some! Creative without being too gross, you’ll have guests reaching for more.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Apples
Chocolate Peanut Butter Apples
All you need is the power of a microwave to whip these treats up. From Hershey’s of course.

Chocolate Raspberry Cups
Chocolate Raspberry Cups
Believe it or not, these are Weight Watchers certified and with only 3 ingredients. Their spooky purple color is what gets them into this round up.

Wicked Cupcakes
Wicked Witch Chocolate Cupcakes
My pretties! Build these cupcakes from scratch and don’t forget the prune juice! For reals. Prune juice.

Apple Bites
Apple Bites
Technically there’s no chocolate in this recipe, but you could add it. Or go the healthy route…I just really loved the picture!

Mousse Filled Witch Hats
Chocolate Mousse Witch Hats
No one can turn down mousse anything, let alone the kind in a witches’ hat.

Chocolate Spider Web Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Web Pumpkin Pie
Besides being gorgeous, this work of art houses a moist and delicious pumpkin pie under a thick layer of chocolate.

Tombstone Cookies
Tombstone Halloween Cookies
A tiny graveyard of chocolate pudding and cookie crumbles with a sugar cookie tombstone makes this undead treat come alive.

Happy Halloween from Cocoa-Heaven!

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