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Marabou Milk Chocolate

As any good chocolate candy company, Marabou has a line of solid milk chocolate bars with various ad ins of flavoring. Hershey has their almonds, Cookies n’ Cream and Special Dark for example. While these bars don’t have the crazy names like Brejk and Skotte, the Swedish word for what’s in them definitely suffices!

Today we’re looking at milk chocolate with hazelnuts and milk chocolate flavored with orange- which if you only read one review of the two, you should read the orange one.

First up:

Marabou Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

Or as the package says: Schweizer not. (I sure hope that means hazelnut!)
Sticking with the bright yellow and red motif, this candy bar certainly grabs your attention in the candy aisle! The picture of hazelnuts is what led me to believe that it might actually contain them.

Neat little squares with the trademark “M” embossed on them and on the flip side, hazelnut city! The bar is studded with hazelnut bits and pieces but the top would lead you to believe it’s not!
Very smooth, creamy milk chocolate. Yes, it’s better than Hershey’s and the typical grocery store milk chocolate base. The hazelnuts are way more plentiful here than any almond or nut bar as well. Apparently in Sweden, when you say hazelnuts, you better bring it. Eat this with a glass of milk at hand.

Next up:

Marabou Orange Milk Chocolate


Apelsin krokant

Same bright yellow packaging but now with orange and absent from the picture this time is what exactly is in this milk chocolate candy bar! I was informed that apelsin is orange but what is krokant and what are those bits sticking out of the chocolate? Candied orange? The back gives a clue with the word “crisp.”

Smooth throughout, front and back, the front is identical to the hazelnut version of trademark “M”s and squares. This one was harder to break apart since it was slightly warm. Break really isn’t the word if you get the idea.
I have discovered what the crunchy bits are. The milk chocolate itself is flavored with orange, but the bits are CORNFLAKES! The chocolate itself doesn’t really look like the package in terms of the size of the bits, but there are certainly airy-looking pockets. The milk chocolate is the nice smooth and creamy kind, just like the hazelnut one, with an intense orange flavor. It’s the cornflakes that’s tripping me up. After the chocolate has gone and melted away, I have bits of cornflakes stuck in my molars for a Pop Rock-like effect. Weird, but good. If ever a chocolate candy needed a glass of milk afterwards, it’s this one!

3 thoughts on “Marabou Milk Chocolate

  • Andrew

    I just ate the hazelnut version just had to find some info on it. This chocolate bar blew my mind!!!

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  • Lil

    I do not mean to offend anyone but I have just tried the orange version of this product. Only poor taste in chocolate can enjoy something as artificial as this product. It does not even taste like chocolate. My review is based on the Ingredients list: artificial junk. Why not treat you body with more respect? It dies not artificial flavors and emulsifiers…

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