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Make Your Own Chocolate Kit- Glee Gum


We tried a make your own chocolate kit at home once, for Chocolution and this time, did things really really right. Like following the directions as intended.

So how did the Glee Gum Chocolate Kit turn out? Keep reading and you’ll also see how you can WIN one of your own, FREE.

Mixing and Reading

This time I read all the instructions through first, before starting anything. I went the microwave route over the double boiler stovetop, mostly out of straight up laziness.


I’ve never gotten to see cocoa butter like this before either, which was fun to melt and poke.


Once the cocoa butter was melted, I added the cocoa powder, powdered sugar, stirred, nuked again, applied the thermometer sticker and was told to wait for what could be up to 15mins. The waiting was for the chocolate to cool enough to the desired 94F range before adding the starter crystals (chopped up bits from other chocolate bars to temper the chocolate) but it turned out to be more like 30mins.


I couldn’t get anything to register in the first few minutes, I thought it might indeed be broken, despite the instructions saying very clearly that it wasn’t. I got out my Thermapen and found that the starting temp was 120F, which is why. The temperature was so high it was literally off the scale, since the scale only went up to 100F. Finally, the green square “lit” up indicating that it was time to add the starter crystals.


While I was waiting for the chocolate to cool down, I smashed up and played with the two cacao beans included with the kit for fun. I’m sure I was supposed to learn something, but the smashing and nibbling was more fun.


Pouring and Flavoring

Once it was time, I stirred in the crystals and began dispensing the chocolate into the provided little paper cups. I did detour from the instructions here and did place the “flavor” items like coconut, walnuts, ginger not on the bottom of the cups, but instead on top of the chocolate after poured. Couple of reasons, I wanted to be able to tell easily what the flavors were and two, cause I felt like it.



I then placed them in the fridge for 15minutes to harden, removed and immediately began eating/examining them!



They were harder in consistency that I thought, which made me glad that I went light on the extras like walnuts and shredded coconut. The two I really liked was where I sprinkled vanilla sugar over the top which gave it a nice extra “sweet” boost, taking away from the hardness and a crystallized ginger version where the super chewy ginger matched right up with the hardness and flavor of the chocolate.

All in all, a well spent and fun afternoon.


Want to win your own Glee Gum Make Your Own Chocolate Kit?

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Just comment on this post to be entered to win! We’ll chose a winner at random on February 15, 2013!

(You do need to reside in the continental US. It helps to like chocolate too.)

Or just go get your own online!

Congrats to Mayla M. of Oregon on being our winner!

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