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Lindt Excellence Black Currant

I haven’t been much of a fan of the more generic Lindt Excellence flavors but I have really enjoyed their more unusual ones like pear and chili. So when I saw black currant done by a European company, I jumped on it.

It’s the standard Lindt Excellence packaging, but it lacks the information that there are almonds with this black currant flavor. Tiny print on the bottom is not enough. Otherwise those black currants look very tantalizing.

Smooth, got a tiny bit of blooming on one of the pieces but overall the nice Lindt shine and when broken apart, you see the almond pieces. Which is how I found out there were almonds in it, incidently. I have not yet seen a piece of black currant though. The smell is amazing, very rich without being overpowering a slightly fruity scent.

Found some chunks of currant right off and I gotta say, this one is a winner. The black currants don’t stick in my teeth, they’ve got that sweet, tart and almost perfume -like flavor mixing with the dark chocolate and the nutty almond pairs well with it all. I could easily eat this without the almond as well, but since it’s there already, I’ll just roll with it.

Bottom line: Get this. Different and delicious.

3 thoughts on “Lindt Excellence Black Currant

  • Patrice

    I just tried this today. So delicious. i’ll be on the lookout for the pear flavor. i enjoyed the chili too. YUM

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    Don’t miss it, the pear is excellent, especially if you enjoyed the Black Currant.

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