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Jean-Philippe Chocolates


Been to Vegas? Seen that fancy chocolate fountain in the Bellagio? Wonder what it tastes like?

Me too.

But, they don’t let you dip anything, especially fingers into it.


For $9.95 however, they will let you take home a 3 chocolate sampler by the Jean-Philippe Patisserie of milk, dark and white instead!


A pretty straightforward aluminum tin. Handy for travel, not great for summer heat in Vegas, but it was obtained in December, so all good there.

Jean Philippe chocolate sampler


Sleek, shiny and smooth, these samples are pretty standard with a nice clean “snap” when the squares are broken apart. No blooming here.

Jean Philippe Chocolate


Dark Chocolate: While the package didn’t indicate the % of darkness, it’s definitely not high, as this was just slightly (but nicely) bitter. Not anything to buy by the pound, but good.

Milk Chocolate: Smooth and creamy, not really remarkable, but certainly not terrible.

White Chocolate: Smooth and also creamy, it was actually forgettable. After I ate it, two minutes later, I couldn’t remember eating it. It really could have used some more vanilla or something.

Jean Philippe - Bellagio

Since I didn’t have to buy it and the souvenir was for me, I’d say, worth having and sharing, but not worth hiding in your desk and eating in secret so you don’t have to share.

One thought on “Jean-Philippe Chocolates

  • Anna

    wow, I would have expected better. I wonder if they’re catering to a less deft palate? I’ll still try it when I have the opportunity, though.

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