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jcoco: A Premium Line of Chocolates by Seattle Chocolates

Today I got the opportunity to try five different chocolates from jcoco, a new line of chocolates created by Jean Thompson, the CEO of Seattle Chocolates. They are being billed as couture chocolate, so I’m intrigued to discover what that entails.

Also with every purchase jcoco donates a serving of food to a food bank. jcoco currently has partnerships with the Northwest’s Hopelink, the East Coast’s Food Bank for New York City, and San Francisco’s San Francisco and Marin Food Banks.jcoco all chocolatesRanging from left to right they are: Black Fig Pistachio in Dark Chocolate, Vanuatu Origin Milk Chocolate, Edamame Sea Salt in Milk Chocolate, Veracruz Orange in White Chocolate, and Noble Dark 72% Dark Chocolate.


Each vibrantly colored box comes with three, one ounce chocolate bars, individually wrapped. Additionally, the boxes are resealable. jcoco box opened

Veracruz Orange in White Chocolate

White Chocolate and orangeWhen I opened one of the wrappers, I was immediately hit with an unmistakable orange scent. It was a lot stronger than I would have expected, and definitely had me salivating for what was to come.

Despite the smell, the orange flavor was understated and complimented the chocolate quite well. It muted the sweetness that’s typical of white chocolate. What I found interesting was there was a hint of spice that gave the candy an unexpected jolt.  The orange aftertaste stayed with me for a long time and left me wanting more.

Noble Dark 72% Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateThe bar had a very satisfying snap and the chocolate was firm, it held up well to the heat of my hand. Flavor wise it seemed a bit understated. Personally I’m not huge dark chocolate fan, but this one wasn’t really bitter. It was as rich as the other jcoco chocolates.

Edamame Sea Salt in Milk Chocolate

Edamame and Sea SaltThis was one of the chocolates that I was the most curious about, because I’ve never seen edamame in chocolate before.Edamame and Sea SaltThe square that I ate was packed with edamame, which was a welcome sight; I was worried there were only going to be a few edamame throughout the entire bar. When I bit into it, the first thing I noticed was a very sweet chocolate taste, which quickly became salty. This sweet/salty combination created a very enjoyable chocolate bar.

The edamame had a satisfying crunch and blended well with the chocolate. However, it left an aftertaste that wasn’t as agreeable. Personally I would rather be left with a chocolaty taste, instead of a salty legume.  That being said, overall I definitely enjoyed this chocolate.

Vanuatu Origin Milk Chocolate

Milk ChocolateThis was a sweet, creamy chocolate. It really satisfied my sweet tooth, but it wasn’t so overpowering that I felt sick afterwards. It’s a good thing these chocolates are so rich, because if they weren’t I could have easily eaten the entire box without giving it a second thought.

Black Fig Pistachio in Dark Chocolate

Fig and Pistachio in Dark ChocolateOf the five bars this was the one I was the most excited about trying. I was really curious how figs and pistachios would mix in a chocolate bar; it was definitely something I haven’t tried before.

One thing that seemed peculiar to me was the top of the bar had chalky colored streaks on it; this was the only chocolate where I saw any noticeable discoloration.

Looking at the bottom of the bar it was clear this chocolate was packed with figs and pistachios, similar to how the edamame one looked. It’s pretty clear that when jcoco adds an ingredient to their chocolates, they don’t skimp.Fig and Pistachio in Dark ChocolateSince it was a 64% dark chocolate, the bar wasn’t overly sweet. For my first bite I got some fig, which added a chewy texture to the bar. However, there wasn’t a sizable difference in taste because of the fig.

Then I let the rest of the square melt in my mouth, where I got to experience the pistachios. They gave the bar a salty flavor, not nearly as strong as the edamame.  Overall the bar was interesting, if slightly underwhelming for my expectations.

Jcoco – A Delicious Chocolate

All of their chocolates are exceptionally rich, so much so, that I would struggle trying to eat even one mini bar in a sitting. I would say that all of these bars are worth trying. Personally, I recommend the Veracruz Orange in White Chocolate and the Edamame Sea Salt in Milk Chocolate.

3 thoughts on “jcoco: A Premium Line of Chocolates by Seattle Chocolates

  • Ariana

    The veracruz white chocolate was the best of the ones I tried! I don’t usually like the orange/chocolate thing but this we delightful!

  • Jarrod

    The white orange chocolate was amazing, reminds me of those chocolate oranges I used to get in my Christmas stocking when I was a kid.

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