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Hotel Chocolat Marzipan

British chocolatier Hotel Chocolat came to me by souvenir from a friend traveling back from the U.K. upon which, Cocoazilla has discovered that there is a New York store and a US presence! The souvenir chocolate covered marzipan was on the massively delicious side, so we got our hands on the ultimate collection of marzipan from Hotel Chocolat.



I have to say nothing makes me more excited than the promise of marzipan and when I opened up the box and saw FOUR kinds of marzipan, the day just became the of marzipan taste testing.


The individual pieces are each carefully crafted with an additional dollop of chocolate, swirl or other to make distinguishing one from the other easy with the milk and dark chocolate version having the same criss-cross pattern. No blooming, just 100% chocolate coverage.



Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Marzipan

One of the metrics I use in determining good/bad/OK almond marzipan is not only the almond flavor itself, but how fine of a grind the almonds are for the marzipan and I have to say this is a very very fine grind that makes for a smooth and almost creamy mouth feel. The chocolate coating is light and doesn’t overpower the marzipan, allowing it be the feature, as it should be. One too many times have I gotten a super thick chocolate coating that just drowns out the marzipan flavor. The milk chocolate is much more subtle than the dark, I favored the dark over the milk as a personal preference.


This one on the name only piqued my interest- it’s finely ground apricot kernels so the style of marzipan is not almond, which isn’t as common as you’d think. I wish it were more so. Coated in a dark chocolate with a light yellow swirl this apricot marzipan is delightfully fruity and subtle in a wonderful way. There’s a stronger fruit aftertaste/finish that gives away the apricot flavor more than the initial bites, which are more of an essence. So cool.

Amaretto Marzipan

This is an almond marzipan with a “splash” of amaretto, that definitely gave that hit of “booze” with a much creamier texture than the original dark/milk covered marzipan. I would say that if you are a fan of the liquor spiked chocolates, you’d like this. The amaretto leaves a strong aftertaste as well and I was glad the chocolate shell surrounding this one was on the thicker side. As someone who isn’t a booze chocolate person it made it much smoother to eat.

Hazelnut Marzipan

Another not almond marzipan that is instead made with roasted Black Sea hazelnuts with a little almond paste. The marzipan is darker in color and nuttier in overall flavor. It paired very nicely with the dark chocolate and the grind was not as fine as just almond paste but still a very tasty texture. I know that sounds a little weird, but that is really what it was like.

If you’ve got a friend or yourself that really enjoys a good marzipan, then the Marzipan Collection from Hotel Chocolat is where it’s at. A delicious gift that’s unique and a twist on the usual chocolate offerings.

Now excuse me while I finish some of the best chocolate covered marzipan I’ve ever eaten.

3 thoughts on “Hotel Chocolat Marzipan

  • Sara

    Whoa. That Amaretto one is incredible. It’s definitely for the boozy-inclined, not just the “I like almond flavor” types. I’m going to have to look for their other offerings… dark chocolate + marzipan is one of my all time favorite combinations. NOM.

  • Anna

    The original chocolate covered marzipan is really nice. It’s got a mild almond flavor, not too sweet, and paired equally with the chocolate.

    I agree about the fine grind of the almond paste. This is some good stuff!

  • Lisa

    The Hazelnut was very unique – definitely tasted like hazelnut (think Nutella) but is combined with almond paste so has that distinctive marzipan flavor and texture. Yum!

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