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Hershey’s Thingamajig vs Whatchamacallit

Whachamacallit Thingamajig

Hershey has launched an attack upon itself. A limited edition attack anyway. In an attempt to drum up interest again in the Whatchamacallit, civil war has broken out with the challenger Thingamajig. These two chocolate candy bars will duel it out on drug store counters across America. And I would like to preface this by saying in all my years, I have not actually ever eaten a Whachamacallit.

Which tastes OK? Which name is crazier? Which one do males aged 18-32 like best?

The incumbent, Whatchamacallit, boasts a peanut flavor crisp, caramel and rich chocolatey coating. Anyone else thinks that sounds really cheap? Peanut flavor? Chocolatey? Ick.

The challenger, Thingamajig is “made with chocolate, cocoa crisps, peanut butter.” That sounds pretty promising…

Hershey’s Thingamajig takes on the Whatchamacallit


Whatchamacallit has the peachy colored wrapper with the name emblazoned across the front in a spikey and curvy format. I like it. It punches me in the face and makes me want to eat it.


Thingamajig is a red wrapper with the name in a splashy chocolate colored pool in the same curvy font. The limited edition label makes me want to hurry up.

Thingamajig Candy Bar

Winner: Whatchamacallit. I need my chocolate candy to yell at me.


Awww, separated at birth. The Whachamacallit has more ripples, but face it, they’re at least fraternal twins.

Whachamacallit Thingamajig Unwrapped

Winner: Tie. It’s the same bar.

Appearance Inside:

Whatchamacallit was harder to cut, but cut cleanly, show casing a clear layer of caramel, rice crisp and chocolate. Thingamajig broke apart messily, but those same layers are there, caramel, chocolate crisp rice and chocolate.

Whachamacallit InsideThingamajig Inside

Winner: Whatchamacallit. It’s pretty, neat and color coordinated.


Whatchamacallit has hints of caramel and fake-ish chocolate. Thingamajig smells like peanut butter and chocolate.

Winner: Thingamajig. If you don’t faint at the scent combo of chocolate and peanut butter, you’re not human.

Can the Thingamajig Candy Bar Best the Whatchamacallit in Taste?


Whatchamacallit is nice and soft with a gently crispy crunch. The caramel is like a mouth pillow and even though I know the chocolate is chocolately coating, it’s not really making a difference to me right now.

Thingamajig has a nice soft initial bite with the same crunch. I can’t really tell that the crisp rice is chocolate over the non chocolate crisp rice. The peanut butter is light, yet prevalent and with a sweet chocolate aftertaste kick.

Winner: Whatchamacallit. I guess even when you start from zero, the classic prevails. The Thingamajig is almost too sweet and the caramel is just too good against the peanut butter.

Overall winner Whachamacallit with a 3-1-1 score!

Now if they could just invent the Dohickey with chocolate, chocolate crisp rice, peanut butter and caramel. With a cherry on top.

30 thoughts on “Hershey’s Thingamajig vs Whatchamacallit

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  • Angie


  • tinoz

    Boy you must be crazy. Thingamajigs rock! The whatchamacallit’s crisp is too sharp in the mouth. The thingamajig’s REAL CHOCOLATE also helps it stand out. A refined palette can discern the difference.

  • Keige

    I came across the Thingamajig in a bodega in Bushwick. As a life long Whatchamacallit lover, I HAD to try it. I liked it, but not as much as Whatchamacallit. Yet. I’m gonna get a dozen of each and see what I think when April comes around. And who lost interest in the Whatchamacallit to begin with? SHAME ON YOU!

  • VedaWC

    I LOVE THINGAMAJIGS!!!! After the first one, I went back and bought 20. Yes, I ate all 20.
    Over a week or so, but still. They better be kidding about “limited edition,” cuz I gotta monkey
    on my back now! Plus, I addicted my friends at work, and they would kill mei f we could’nt get anymore. I DID love Whatchamacallits, but I think now the divorces is final! Oh, yeah, I did go buy 20 more, just in case. This is killing my weight watchers program, but so worth it!;-)

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    Lol. Sounds like I should be buying stock in Hershey for the duration of the Thingamajig!

  • Willy Wonka

    Sorry to say but the Thingamajig” is way better than this poor excuse for the modern day “Whatchamacallit.” Bring back the ORIGINAL bar without the caramel and I might think differently! Thingamajig reminds me of the original Whatchamacallit! Yahoo!

  • kass87

    I love love LOVE the thingamajig! A camping friend of mine works for Hershey and knew how much I love chocolate..shes got me hooked and now camping season is over….Ive already eaten the 5 she gave me…now what? :((

  • Rainstormrose

    I LOVE THINGAMAJIG! I have hated Whatchamacallit ever since they added the caramel. I remember they were great when they were more peanut buttery. I am surprised that the Whatchamacallit has survived all these years. I know I haven’t bought any since 1978! i have bought a ton of Thingamajigs! Don’t know why they haven’t advertised or marketed the new bar? I have bought several spares as well…just in case.

  • alan

    ALways has been the “go to” bar for me. Thingamajig missing clear crisps along with no caramel makes for a smaller bar. Although very tasty:) I’ll enjoy both for as long as they allow us to!

  • Karen

    Thingamajig tops Whatchamacallit for me. I am a total chocolate fiend, but Whatchamacallit never made a great impression. The proportion of crisp, peanut butter and chocolate is just right, while Whatchamacallit is a little overbearing somehow. I found my first Thingamajig today at Super Walmart, and I wonder if I will ever find another one!

  • Randall

    I love the thing ama jig candy bar better than the whatchamacallitt. The peanut butter taste was awesome. Hope you will continue to sell them

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  • Jennifer Tredo

    One of the best candy bars hershey’s has made is the thingamajig. It was the perfect balance of chocolate crispies and peanut butter compared to the whatchamacallit. sorry to hear that is only a limited edition. Would love to see it make an appearence on store shelves again real soon.

  • Charles

    The thingamajig sadly has lost this competition once b4 in the early 90s, it was released practically at the same time as the whatchamacallit bar.

    that being said, I am very glad they brought it back. it tastes better far and away. whatchamacallit tastes ok to begin with, if it is fresh, which it nearly never is and when it is not fresh the caramel layer gets way too hard and the bar is difficult to cut with a sharp bladed knife much less eat with your teeth. it does have a catchy name though, and is def. no where near the worst candy bar i have tried.

    Thingamajig however is easy to chew, has a true cocoa flavor and a nice balance with not too much chocolate or peanut butter either one, unlike modern day reese’s cups which keep reducing the amount of chocolate covering until you are almost eating a glob of peanut butter on a spoon or may as well be.

    Also, I’m hoping the mars bar is back for good and not just for a year and then pulled back off the market again.

    &Please can someone convince hershey to bring back the Krackel bar or make a bag of minatures with just them in it again. It was crazy to take what was always their best selling candy bar in the grocery stores and fundraiser boxes the entire time i was growing up and suddenly pull it.

    Also, Please do not get me hooked in High School & College on this relatively new concoction Reese’s Sticks and then make it so I can only find it in one truckstops near where i live now and one or two convience stores an hour away in the charlotte nc area.

    Krackel needs to come back, the only alternative is the crunch bar from Nestle, which i have never liked. there has never been any comparison between nestle chocolate and hershey chocolate, and it shows blatantly when comparing Krackel vs Crunch bar. the crunch bar is often too stale or hard to chew, the rice doesnt taste the same and the chocolate always has a bitter or starting to go bad/rancid type taste to it. There is no substitute for the Krackel bar. The closest thing I’ve ever tried is the Thingamajig bar, which is good in its own way and fairly close except for the peanut butter, and is more of a complex or premium bar in comparison, but sometimes nothing can substitute for the simple delicious Krackel Bar. It’s been my very favorite candy bar my entire life, and it needs to return in bar form or bag of minatures of just Krackel. I can still buy a hershey or mr. goodbar if i wanted those, and i can’t stand hershey special dark and never could, it nearly makes me sick to my stomach just tasting it.

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  • Brenda Harshman

    I LOVE Thingamajigs! I just can’t find them anywhere in my area. I’d buy a couple boxes if I could find them.

  • Amber Link

    I absolutely loved the THINGAMAJIG! It needs to be a regular all the time candy bar. My husband bought this for me bcz I really liked the WHATCHAMACALLIT. He noticed the other had actual peanut butter in it. If I see these in the store I will definately buy them ALL!!!!!

  • peter

    i cant find it anywhere…and i would love to buy a box of them…this is not fair to give us such a great tasting candybar and then take it away. there is like 5 flavors of hershey bars why not have two of these? Thank you and please bring it back

  • lyssaa

    Thingamajig is my addiction! I first discovered it at walmart and got atleast two a week then they stopped selling them & I cant find them anywhere!!

  • sassy3000

    I can’t find thingamajig anywhere. Please bring them back! I even checked the Candy Warehouse but they don’t have them either.
    I liked BOTH thingamajig and Whatchamacallit.They are both good!

  • BJ

    I first found the thingamajig in Indiana, and when I got back to Oklahoma, I started looking for it, finally found it in only one Wal-Mart, but now they don’t carry it. PLEASE BRING THINGAMAJIG BACK!

  • Shelly Watson

    I luv the watchamacallit I would buy one every time I shop at Walmart….they have disappeared where did they go???

  • Sweet-tooth

    NO, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! Thingamajig has chocolate, peanut butter, and coco crisps. Whatchamacallit has chocolate, caramel, and peanut crisps. The only thing that they have in common is the chocolate. Yes, similar, but not the same. I love them both, but I want what I can’t have. So, THINGAMAJIG is the winner. Hershey’s needs to bring this back pronto! By the time I heard of it, it was already being discontinued. :-(

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