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Hershey Kiss Fall Flavors Square Off

This fall Hershey is offering two flavors to celebrate the season: pumpkin spice and candy corn. The question is, is Hershey spreading themselves too thin with all these experimental flavors? I do love the caramel filled and the idea of a peppermint kiss, but pumpkin seems to belong in my latte or ravioli and candy corn and chocolate seem like a very unlikely pair. So how did these flavors square up?


Pumpkin Spice has the same wrapper as the caramel filled kiss, just slightly darker in color. The little flag is brown instead of white and says “pumpkin spice.” Easy enough.

Candy Corn has the most unique wrapper I’ve seen on a kiss yet, it’s a tricolor of silver, orange and yellow with the white flag of “candy corn.”

Candy Corn move ahead one space.

Roll the Dice…

Pumpkin Spice has the color of Barbie’s friend Skipper’s flesh. It’s not quite brown, but not orange either. I’m not sure if I should eat it or color with it.

Candy Corn looks like a Hershey Kiss in a candy corn costume. 3 layers of color: yellow, orange and white. And in the right order.

Candy Corn rolls a 5 and Pumpkin Spice settles for snake eyes.

Roll Again…

Pumpkin Spice smells nice. Spicy, fall and pie like.

Candy Corn smells like creamy sugar.

Bank error in both their favors.

Draw a Card…

Pumpkin Spice tastes like potpourri. At first I was OK with the taste, it has a creamy white center which gave it a nice cream cheese likeness. Then the taste and aftertaste settled in. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever eaten, but I won’t pay money for this experience.

Candy Corn tastes not like candy corn really. The faint after taste is closer to candy corn, the initial bite which reminded me of the white chocolate people buy to make candy molds from. Creamy, very sweet and almost chalk like in texture.

Candy Corn continues it’s lead across the finish line. Mostly due to it’s eye candy nature.

Neither one of these “kisses” are something Hershey should be particularly proud of. Granted at the price and distribution the quality of chocolate is on par with that, but the overly sickening sweetness of both these offerings is sure to put any chocoholic in a sugar coma.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

7 thoughts on “Hershey Kiss Fall Flavors Square Off

  • cocoa bean

    I liked the pumpkin spice – that is, until I read your post…” has the color of Barbie’s friend Skipper’s flesh”
    I’ll pass on the flesh-colored candy, thank you very much. Skipper is just too nice to eat. Barbie on the other hand….

  • Ariana

    I’d have to agree on these. Not the WORST thing ever but certainly not something I would munch on mindlessly to get a sugar fix, like I do for any candy corn (pumpkin shaped or other).

  • Mike

    If you are a big fan of frosting the candycorn version is for you. Of course, if you actually wanted something that actually tastes like candycorn just buy some candycorn because the Hershey’s chocolate version doesn’t cut it.

    The pumpkin spice version is better tasting, and reminds me more of a pumpkin pie than a Hershey’s chocolate.

    But, overall I agree. I would definitely not buy either of these as neither.

  • Marty

    Thanks for the indepth review of the new Hersheys Kiss flavors. I have been wondering what they might taste like, (couldn’t really imagine it either), so thanks to you , now I know.

  • gomez

    I thought Pumpkin Spice Kisses tasted like Play Doh steeped in Chai Tea.

    And yeah, I’ve tasted Play Doh – I think we all have as kids.

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