Chocolate Candy Reviews: Feed Your Obsession

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Heart Shaped Junior Mints

Yes, they taste the same but in a fun heart shaped form! Cocoazilla was recently gifted with a box of heart shaped Junior Mints in honor of today’s momentous occasion- Valentine’s Day! One of the best chocolate candy receiving days of the year. And if you didn’t get what you wanted today, no worries, hit the store tomorrow and save 50-75% off!


That sure is the Junior Mints box.


Hearts! Larger than the regular Junior Mints too. I used a penny for scale since I didn’t have any regular Junior Mints on hand for comparison having eaten them all.


Turns out red and white- they taste the same. Very minty. If you’re not weirded out by ingesting Red 40, than you’ll enjoy these holiday themed treats!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Cocoa-Heaven!

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