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Frey Supreme White Lemon and Lime

After having sample Frey’s White Blueberry, I felt it was a move in the right direction to another white chocolate candy confection. A trip to Target later and I am sniffing the next offering from Frey.

It smells great. It reminds me of See’s Chocolates Key Lime Truffle, which is a sweet and sour white chocolate truffle that destroys all others. This gets my hopes up. It looks a little funny, with beige specks in the white chocolate but nothing to be scared about.

Now we get to the important part, taste. This is most definitely one of the more complex treats I’ve ever had. The white chocolate is very creamy, like the White Blueberry bar, no problems there. Real bits of lemon and lime granules and black pepper are spread throughout. At first when I tasted the black pepper, I didn’t know that was one of the ingredients and I thought I was imagining things, but the package confirmed it, black pepper.

It tastes great to start with, but the like the blueberry bar the bits of lemon and lime keep getting stuck in my teeth. So the aftertaste is very sour, since the chocolate is absent but the citrus is not. And it’s sour in the way you make a face without even meaning to. The sourness that kicks in afterwards beats the pants of Sour Patch Kids and candies of that nature. And the black pepper burnt the back of my throat a little, and I usually love fresh ground black pepper.

I don’t like this one. I really like it when I first bite into it, but the aftertaste is a killer. If you chew on lemon or lime peels and like it, this candy is for you. If you’re like me, and the bitterness is still there after 30seconds, you begin to regret eating the square that you did.

Clearly I’m not the target market. Ah well.

3 thoughts on “Frey Supreme White Lemon and Lime

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  • Kath Beavers

    I have been a big fan of several of the Frey Chocolate flavors at Target. Being originally from Germany, getting ahold of good chocolate was always difficult until Target (and a few others) started carrying Lindt, RitterSport and especially Frey. Day before yesterday I went to my local Target and with great horror I found no more Frey Chocolates on diplay, none, all gone, not even an empty space indicating it was just low on stock. WHAT IS GOING ON? Didn’t have time to ask an associate in the store that evening, but, Please, someone tell me Target didn’t just quit carrying it.
    One of my favorite flaovors is the White Lemon Lime.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    I’m sure they’re just out temporarily. They re-did their website which usually indicates that if anything, they’re expanding not shrinking.

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