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Frey Supreme Pear & Caramel

Tucked in amongst the Target shelves between Dove and the end cap of Choxie a chocolate candy treasure was found: Switzerland’s Chocolate Frey Supreme candy bars. In business since 1887, but this was the first time I had seen this candy maker’s offerings. Upon some research, I found that they have many other unusual flavors out on the market currently (think Hot Chili Pepper, White/Lemon/Lime, Blood Orange/Cinnamon and Citron/Pepper) Pear and Caramel seems to be a safe starting bet.

The milk chocolate for this bar is of the expected quality one would have of Swiss chocolate. Smooth, creamy and melted amost instantly upon touch. (Note to self: refridgerate this later). But as you can imagine, what I’m after is the added ingredients. The caramel flavor is soft and almost undetected (in a good way) without the overpowering sugary high that can often go hand in hand with a caramel flavored anything. The crowning achievement in the unusual is the pear flavor though. A powerful, yet not quite in your face, flavor with pear granules scattered through out the bar. The gritty sugary bits reminded me greatly of the real fruit, which I’m sure was the maker’s intention, and they have suceeded in having all 3 flavors present, accounted for, but without angering my taste buds. There is no aftertaste, just a smooth milk chocolate finish.

This offering of Frey Supreme has inspired me to return to the Target (pronounced “Tar-jay” when purchasing items that use French in their name) and try their other, more unusual offerings. In moderation of course.

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3 thoughts on “Frey Supreme Pear & Caramel

  • Vegan Chocoholic

    I’m a former milk chocolate snob, I admit it. (former, due to the fact that I have tried my hardest to be vegan for over a year.) This brand of chocolate is hands down the *best I have ever eaten*. So good in fact, that when I was tempted to try a little piece (and did) I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to ever wipe the memory from my mind again.

    I was excited to see a pairing of pear and chocolate, since they are two of my favorite flavors. I was more excited when I put it in my mouth. Seriously. If you have made a pledge to not eat dairy, whether for environmental or health reasons, do not even get near Frey chocolate. It could make things incredibly difficult for you.

    As a side note, is there any mention of the background of their name? “Frey” might ring a bell in your mind if you’ve ever heard about the old norse gods. In fact, that’s where the English root of “Friday” comes from! But I digress.


  • Heather

    Target (pronounced Tar-GET, regardless of what you are purchasing ;) ) no longer carries the Frey chocolate. The pear chocolate bars were my favorite treats while working there. Now I can’t find them.

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