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Frey Chocolate Presents Pecan and Caramel

Continuing on the road to tasting all the Frey Chocolate Flavors, our last foray having been long ago in September on the White Lemon and Lime bar, today’s adventure brings us to Pecan and Caramel. Surely a match made in heaven?


Frey Pecan and Caramel Bar

Classic Frey packaging.


I definitely smell the caramel fragrance over the milk chocolate more than anything else. The hint of pecans is also there, it’s almost such a sweet smell that it’s sick.


That classic Frey look, smooth with nice crisp breaks for each piece with bits of pecan visible throughout the chocolate.

Frey Pecan and Caramel Chocolate Candy


The milk chocolate is smooth, but packed with caramel and pecan bits, so it has an “enrobing” feeling while in your mouth. The caramel bits are like toffee, sweet and crunchy but not nearly as strong as toffee in taste. This is great because I thought the “caramel” was going to be an added flavor to the chocolate, which I detest. The pecan comes in later, almost as if an afterthought, but a nice presence to have as the aftertaste is primarily the taste of those pecans.

Bottom line: I like it!

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