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Dove Easter Chocolates

Easter is next weekend, which means those of you brave enough to have given up chocolate for Lent will pig out on chocolate bunnies and eggs to celebrate. Bored with the same old Cadbury Cream eggs? Not to worry, Cocoazilla has you covered. Today, we’re reviewing Dove Chocolate’s assortment of Easter specialties: milk chocolate eggs, peanut butter filled chocolate eggs, coconut cream filled chocolate eggs, a milk chocolate bunny, and a dark chocolate bunny.

Dove Chocolate Eggs

Yeah, as we said with Valentine’s Day, the plastic bag leaves a bit to be desired. Silky smooth promises and all. However, bright colored foil pieces in bowls placed around the home always makes me think of the best candy holidays. Namely Halloween and Easter, so the rainbow of shiny mint green, orange and bright blue makes me smile.


Smooth and slightly greasy looking, the eggs look very large rabbit pellets more than eggs. We’ll ignore that though since few folks greatly examine their chocolate eggs before they eat them. Besides the interior shot shows a nice thick and dark center.

The larger creme filled eggs looks similar on the outside but the inside has that nice thick, creamy filling.

We’ve got 3 different tasty morsels to dissect here: Dove Milk Chocolate Eggs, Dove Coconut Creme Eggs and Dove Peanut Butter Eggs.

First up- Milk Chocolate Eggs
Smooth and sweet, I could pop a few of these throughout Easter Sunday brunch before starting to feel sick from all the sugar. Better than a Hershey’s Kiss (it’s richer) and with more real estate it’s a great item to put out on your desk or for company.

Coconut Creme Eggs

These smell like suntan lotion. Luckily they don’t taste like it, but I’m not a big coconut person in the first place, so while I wouldn’t buy a bag of these for myself, I’d eat one if they were out in a bowl somewhere. Better yet, build a gingerbread Easter house and use this pretty mint green eggs as decor.

Peanut Butter Eggs

Mmmm, peanut butter. You can’t really go wrong with these. Smooth, creamy milk chocolate with a nice thick peanut butter filling will have you keeping this bag of chocolate candy for yourself. Screw sharing, this one belongs in your top desk drawer for throughout the day snacking.

Dove Chocolate Bunnies


The foil wrapping looks like an actual bunny instead of a solid color, nicely detailed and with a design that doesn’t violate the Lindt tradition. Yeah, Lindt tried to trademark their chocolate bunny design. Check out Chocolate Bunny Battle for the details on that fiasco.

They are quite pretty, well detailed and well cast chocolate. I almost feel bad for breaking the ears off. Almost.

The dark chocolate bunny is bitter and smooth, almost a little too bitter for me. It’s got a slight edge of what I would swear is red wine flavor, which means that if you like to eat your dark chocolate with red wine, you need this bunny.

The milk chocolate bunny is better. I know dark and milk shouldn’t really be compared like that, but after a couple of bites of the dark chocolate bunny I wasn’t really interested anymore. However, the milk chocolate bunny tasted of Easter. Smooth, spring-like (if that’s possible) and willing me to ruin Easter brunch by polishing off the whole thing before noon.

Bottom line: Pick up the milk chocolate bunny and the peanut butter filled eggs. You won’t be sorry.

10 thoughts on “Dove Easter Chocolates

  • Emma

    A word to the wise: 3 consecutive coconut creme candies and your insides will hate you.

    I’m very serious.

  • Janet Wunschel

    My family Loves dove chocolates. There favorite was the truffle eggs. I wasn’t able to find them lsat year. Will they be in stores this Easter?

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    Hi Tina- I haven’t seen them yet this year either and all the Easter candy should be out by now. You might check someplace that is known to carry a lot of Dove Chocolate like Target.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    Hi Valerie- It’s sounding like they didn’t make them again this year. I see you posted on their FB wall and they haven’t replied yet. I hope they do! They did share a photo from this year on March 13th talking about coconut creme eggs, it’s not the same, but it might be similar.

  • Ellen Bender

    Where can I find the Dove large truffles in a 3-pack that I used to be able to buy at Easter at Von’s and Albertsons? I have looked everywhere.

  • CocoaZilla Post author

    You might try a drugstore like WalMart or CVS. Additionally, the Dove Chocolates website might have more information.

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