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Donkey Eggs

Fresh from the island of Hawaii by way of Kona, I bring to you today, Donkey Eggs. To be more specific, Lilikoi Passion malted balls.

The donkey helps convey that a donkey was involved in the process…somewhere, somehow. At least I hope not. I do think he’s cute with his lei and geographically correct map in the background.

These chocolate malted milk balls are coated (a thick coat too) of white chocolate flavored that are a little more than an inch in diameter. These eggs are not small eggs. According to their website: these eggs also come in flavors of mango, coconut, mint and non-extra coated plain or dark milk chocolate.

I’m not much of a chocolate malted milk ball fan, in fact I detest and hide from Whoppers as possible. Unless paired with Mickey’s Ice of course. But when coated with a thick layer of white chocolate and hints of lilikoi, they aren’t so bad. It’s the kind of chocolate (not so high quality) that I recommend eating immediately due to the short shelf life where it starts tasting waxing and weird if you don’t. These are mostly a novelty chocolate, a great conversation piece to be shared with co-workers. But not to be eaten 10 at a time.

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