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Dark Chocolate Mint M&M’s: Delicious in the wrong kind of way

Dark Chocolate Mint M&M

When the green, anthropomorphized M&M graces the packaging of a candy product, expectations suddenly sky-rocket. Many commercials over the years have painted her as not just simply the female M&M in the gang of otherwise goofy “spokescandies,” but specifically the attractive, irresistible one. I wish I could say the suggestiveness has been subtle, but…

Flirting with the dark side

In her latest venture, Ms. Green is modeling the new Dark Chocolate Mint flavor of the M&M’s, where you could swear she’s convinced that her backdrop is a Maserati rather than a chocolate candy.

Dark Chocolate Mint M&M

With her lustful eyes and attention-grabbing stance, the promise is clear: these M&M’s aren’t merely going to taste good; they’re going to taste sexy.

A promising match

And why shouldn’t they? After all, who doesn’t get excited when an Andes Mint accompanies their dinner check at a restaurant? The combination of chocolate and mint is just too divine to pass up.

I’ve often been left wondering whether the taste of the gooey mint melting on my tongue was a high that couldn’t be replicated with repeat consumptions, or if this was the type of flavor that would support the theory that “more is more.”

The moment of truth

Sadly, more isn’t more. At least not with M&M’s. Upon popping the first candy into my mouth, I suddenly remembered what it was that made mint chocolate so great in the first place: its capacity to quickly melt upon contact with the taste buds and explode its fusion flavor. That was missing here.

Dark Chocolate Mint M&M

Biting through the coating of an M&M has, for me, always been a means to an end. It’s the chocolate tastefulness that I’m looking for, not the mysterious colored coat that oftentimes ends up spoiling the taste of the goodness waiting in the center.

A date ruined by a third wheel

The sad reality here is that sugary coatings of M&Ms just don’t go well with mint chocolate. Even its beloved aftertaste is slightly diminished by that unwelcome third flavor. I eventually attempted to do what I always do when I get tired of biting through M&M’s: I let one rest on my tongue for a while until the outer coating melted away, but that only ended up making its own flavor and consistency more potent.

Worse yet, these are oversized M&M’s, so there’s a lot more coating to go through than usual.

Salvaging the night

Dark Chocolate Mint M&M

When attempting to ignore the taste of the exterior, it’s clear that the chocolate itself has all the makings of the delectable treat that it aims to be. It’s soft, melty, and has a solid ratio of dark chocolate to mint. In fact, the flavor is so strong that it practically bleeds through the exterior. I would happily eat this kind of mint chocolate in the form of some other product that doesn’t put up a barricade – it really does deserve more than this.

It wasn’t meant to be

I really wanted these M&M’s to be as sinfully delicious as Ms. Green suggestively suggested. Unfortunately, the allure of the packaging far exceeds the quality of the candy inside. If only they could just get rid of the M&M shell and give us what we really want…

I guess they’re way ahead of us there.

Have you given the new dark chocolate mint M&Ms a try? Let us know how you feel about them in the comments.

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