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Coco Tutti Orange Confit Truffles

Picked up at the Luxury Chocolate Salon in Seattle, CocoTutti was one of the few vendors that made Cocoazilla pull out her wallet and hand over some cash. Based in San Francisco, this hand crafting confectioner allowed Cocoazilla to ask some questions (which is good cause it the website is a bit bare bones right now) and found that the orange confit truffles we’re about to consume were made with fresh farmer’s market oranges.

They had literally (while I was standing there) switched over to a new square box over a longer rectangle box and in fact, made me give back the rectangle for the much sleeker and modern looking square one. I do like this modern cube like display but was concerned about melting. Turns out they truffles survived just fine.


These are gorgeous, you must agree. Bright orange and yellow mixed with white chocolate and a super smooth looking interior tell me this might have been a good choice. I had sampled a liquid caramel and one other truffle before settling on the orange as the take home treat.

It is as I remembered, smooth and luxurious, the orange pops but not in the fake sugar blast way. It actually reminds me of fresh squeezed orange juice and the tiny chewy bits tell me there’s some grated peel mixed in as well. The truffle itself is very rich and after eating two I find that I’m done for right now, the other two will have to wait for another day. Since these were made with fresh ingredients I recommend not being like me and eat them right away. I recall the orange sample I had at the Chocolate Salon being even deeper and bigger in taste in the orange department.

Bottom line: $5 for 4 pieces is a great deal for what you get. The trick is finding them at either an event or trying to order online via email.

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