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Classic Film Candies: Nostalgic Pairings for Movie Night

Movies and candy have been inseparable since boxes of popcorn and candy danced across the silver screen to hawk concessions. You don’t have to go to the lobby to buy yourself a treat. Snuggle up with these favorite candies and their classic film partners for your movie night.

E.T. and Reese’s Pieces

E.T. + Reese's Pieces

Little Elliott lures E.T. with candy and the alien shows his friendship by leaving Reese’s on Elliott’s bed. The warmth of this scene is so deeply embedded in my brain that Reese’s Pieces is still my favorite movie theater treat. Sometimes I even share them with my husband.

Band of Brothers and the Hershey’s Bar

band-of-brothers + hershey's bar

This miniseries is such a harrowing depiction of war. When I see the soldiers eating a Hershey’s chocolate bar, I cheer for that sweet taste of home. My heart melts when the medic, Eugene, shows his love for the Belgian nurse, Renée, by offering her this chocolate treat. I like to mix this pairing up and eat a Hershey’s bar with almonds while I count my blessings.

The Goonies and Baby Ruth

The Goonies + Baby Ruth

“Sloth love Chunk” and he shows it by offering to share his Baby Ruth bar. Okay, food isn’t love, but the sharing of candy as a kind gesture is emerging as a trend in this post. This nubby candy bar is also featured in The Babe, but the controversy over whether the bar was or was not named for Babe Ruth is less interesting than the trouble those adorable kids get into while adventuring through western Oregon.

Beetlejuice and Zagnut

Beetlejuice + Zagnut

Did you know this candy bar made an appearance in 48 Hours? No one does. The Zagnut bar achieved classic status in the movie Beetlejuice.

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