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Christmas Chocolate Crafts

You might not be able to eat all these crafts, but you can certainly have fun playing with your food! Creating crafts is always fun, but when you add chocolate in you can sample, play and let your imagination run wild!

Cocoa-Heaven presents you with their chocolate Christmas Craft round up!

Work In Progress has green chocolate covered pretzel wreaths that you can decorate and eat!


Craftbits put together the best looking Christmas tree I’ve seen all year. Completely made out of Mars Fun Size candy bars, this chocolate candy bar tree is sure to please!

chocolate candy bar tree

Ok, these aren’t chocolate, but they are candy from A Candy Cane Christmas! How could we ignore the classic reindeer candy cane craft in a post like this?


Don’t ingest this craft from Blissfully Domestic, you could, but really shouldn’t. These chocolate salt dough ornaments are fun to make and fun to decorate!

chocolate saltdough ornament

Family Fun’s Hershey Kiss Chocolate Mice Ornaments are cute and will hang on your tree as a tantalizing treat!


Then there’s always the classic pouring chocolate into a mold and creating shaped chocolate candy treats to hand out! An Occasional Chocolate offers both the chocolate molds and recipes!

old fashioned chocolate santa

And if you’re really pressed for time, yet want to be festive with your chocolate, all you need is some green pipe cleaners! Kaboose shows you how to make a very easy tree with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Glue on some beads for ornaments and you’re done!


Happy Chocolate Craft Creating!

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