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ChocoVine – The Chocolate Wine


You could tell it was a last second gift from the shape of the package. A bottle of ChocoVine. Oh boy, the great taste of “Dutch chocolate and fine red wine.” Let the party begin.

The combination of red wine and chocolate isn’t a foreign concept. It’s booze and chocolate. The two tastes should pair together beautifully, but the problem with ChocoVine is that it doesn’t look like red wine at all.

It has no red color. No pigmentation. No transparency. It just looks like a big bottle of chocolate milk. Luckily, this experiment with alcohol tastes better than it looks.



At first sight, there’s just something unappealing about ChocoVine’s clear bottle. Maybe it’s the light chocolate brown color, or it’s questionably thick consistency. Or maybe it’s how the bottle’s label warns to shake before serving (apparently you have to get those “fine red wine” tannins excited).

As I poured the ChocoVine, it oozed out of the bottle like a melted chocolate shake and coated the bottom of my merlot glass. The weirdest part was the thickness of the color. The wine’s pigmentation is so dense that I could see my reflection off the liquid at the bottom of the glass.


ChocoVine Original


ChocoVine’s website says they use “fine cabernet wine,” and the right pairing of wine and chocolate can create “a near-orgasmic experience.”

I can’t say it was that good, but ChocoVine has a nummy taste with an alcoholic/acidic bite. Think more vodka-like than cab-like. It’s almost like drinking a White Russian without the coffee aftertaste.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about tasting weird, foreign choco-booze, but it was a fun experience. And at 14 percent alcohol by volume, ChocoVine isn’t going to get you hammered, so feel free to enjoy a chilled bottle all to yourself.

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