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Chocolate Potato Chips & Chocolate Tortilla Chips

It’s a reality all right, milk chocolate covered potato chips discovered in the aisles of Target and chocolate tortilla chips discovered in the aisles of PCC. So is it OK to mix these two wonderous things together? Potatoes and chocolate? Corn and chocolate?


From the company Food Should Taste Good, we have the chocolate tortilla chips made with semi-sweet chocolate, dutch cocoa, vanilla and sea salt. Supposedly an “all natural” recipe (which is pretty true based on the ingredient list) this Needham, MA company is founded on the concept that well, food should taste good.


Chocolate Tortilla Chips

The packaging is black and white and sells itself well on the main point of “CHOCOLATE” being emblazoned across the front in gold. That’s fine by me, I don’t need the mystery. When I opened the package though, I got excited as the contents looked very inviting and smelled wonderful. Not truffle chocolate overwhelming or tortilla chip over salty, but a nice, fragrant whiff of chocolate and salt.


These are amazing. I could eat the entire bag alone without any of the suggested accompaniments of peanut butter and banana slices, vanilla ice cream or salsa. They are lightly salted with a nice crunch and a subtle rich chocolate flavor that rides over the saltiness. I can’t say that I’ve really ever eaten anything like it before and a chocolate covered tortilla chip wouldn’t even come close to how well the flavors blend and compliment each other.


Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

A seasonal offering packaged on behalf of Target, this canister came in at nearly $7, a little steep, even for the novelty and fancy packaging. But, they are chocolate covered potato chips after all. So, let’s just jump right in….


Opening the package did not fill me with the same sense of delicious that the chocolate tortilla chips did. In fact, I thought they looked kinda gross. Heavy and almost grey in color, these chocolate covered potato chips looked like they would lay in my stomach like a brick. The chocolate is coated on very thickly in some parts and smears the inside packaging with waxiness. The ingredients don’t like that it’s real milk chocolate, but I am still a little afraid of it.


The chocolate melts off onto to my fingers almost immediately upon contact. It doesn’t taste as bad as it looks, but it is clear to me that I’m only going to be able to eat about 3 chips at maximum. The chips themselves have that knock off Ruffles taste, potato and salty, while the chocolate is the standard milk chocolate that you would get from a Hershey’s bar. The chip still crisps, which I wouldn’t expect, I expected it to be soggy with oils and chocolate.

It very much tastes like I thought it would…..not great. Add in the $7 price tag and I’ll make my own at home if I’m ever in the mood again, that’s for sure!

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