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Chocolate in the Title: The Best Songs of All-Time

What’s better than listening to great music? Listening to great music while stuffing your face with delicious chocolate. And now you can get your chocolate fix with these five songs — the best songs of all-time with chocolate in the title (meaning The Beatles’ “Savoy Truffle” doesn’t make the cut!). That Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack finally has company!

“Chocolate Cake” by Crowded House

From the 1991 album “Woodface”

This probably wasn’t the best choice for a single in the United States, with lyrics like “The excess of fat on your American bones / will cushion the impact as you sink like a stone.” Still, it’s classic Crowded House. Check out the creepy music video from the Aussies below. It includes shrinking heads, terrible dancing, and some of the ugliest suits you’ll ever lay eyes on.

“Chocolate” by Kylie Minogue

From the 2003 album “Body Language”

Come on — did you think I’d leave off a song that went all the way to #1 in Chile and the Ukraine? Okay, fiiiine: The song did hit #6 in the UK. In the song, Minogue steamily describes wanting to be melted “slowly down / like chocolate.” Yikes. It’s no surprise that it didn’t chart in the United States, as it doesn’t come anywhere near the pop-bliss of her 2001 smash single “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.”

“Chocolate Love” by Tom Waits

From the 2004 album “Mule Variations”

Whether this bluesy song is about some “get rich quick” ads that Waits’ uncle sent him or drugs or something else, the fact is that it features a fantastic rooster crow. The video below shows him performing the song on The Late Show with David Letterman, with Waits using a blow-horn near the end to sing into the microphone. Worth a watch.

“Chocolate Girl” by Animal Collective

From the 2000 album “Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished”

From Animal Collective’s debut full-length, “Chocolate Girl” is eight-plus minutes of experimental prog-rock delight. Over the years, when played live, it’s evolved into a different beast (as you can see below). Good luck making out all the lyrics. But like most songs, it’s probably somehow about love. Chocolately love.

“Chocolate” by Snow Patrol

From the 2004 album “Final Straw”

Snow Patrol isn’t always the most exciting band, but Gary Lightbody occasionally writes the true stomper. And with their hit “Chocolate,” you get salivating results. Sure, the song is about Lightbody cheating on his girlfriend, but these melodies will be in your head for days.

Honorable mentions: Rufus Wainwright III’s “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk,” Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain,” Nickel Creek’s “Scotch and Chocolate.”

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