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The Brand New Cocoa-Heaven!

Welcome if it’s your first time visiting! And if not, I think you’ll notice a BIG difference! We have a brand new site design! And for those new, here’s the before:


Yeah, we know. Ugly doesn’t even cover it.

But we also know that despite that, thousands of you have come to visit every month and enjoyed the much less ugly content and delicious pictures of chocolate candy. We’d like to thank you for your patience and apologize if we hurt your eyes at any time.

In honor of the birth of our new site, here are some fun facts about Cocoa-Heaven:

  • First post was June 9, 2008.
  • We’ve done over 140 chocolate reviews.
  • Over 5,700 people visit us every month.
  • Our most commented on post demands the return of Cookies n’ Cream Twix.
  • Our most “angry” post is Cracker Jack Prizes Suck (and they do.)
  • Our most popular review is on Costco’s Truffettes de France.
  • Our most epic battle (so far) is Hershey’s Thingamajig vs. Whatchamacalit.
  • We’ve got a least 5 chocolate conspiracies going.
  • Welcome to our visitors from Isle of Man! All 17 of you.
  • We’ve written 128 posts on Chocolate Obsession ranging from peanut butter cup size to museums to forcing readers to choose between Junior Mints and the York Peppermint patty.

Chocolate splash

Thanks for stopping by and here’s to many more chocolate candy adventures!

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