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Be Mine – M&M’s Cherry Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, candy companies across the nation are rolling out their yearly themed chocolates with the hopes of “I am too lazy to buy my wife something nice, so I will just get her a bag of candy” men running a last-minute effort to salvage the night. Enter M&M’s Cherry.


Pretty standard for a seasonal M&M’s product. However, the classic red M&M wearing a suit jacket, holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates is a nice touch.


With the regular shape and texture that we have grown to love from M&M, this seasonal variety does offer something different. The red and maroon color mixing scheme is a miss for me. The lighter red color works well and makes sense with the Valentine’s Day theme. On the other hand, the maroon coloring looks like the manufacturers took half the red candies and put them through for another coat of red coloring. The red and maroon doesn’t mix well. Maybe next year they will go with a red and white combination.

M&M's-Cherry Candies

Almost as soon as you rip open a bag of these candies, a sent of artificial cherry cough syrup fills the room. The taste once you pop one in your mouth is not much better. It’s like drinking an entire bottle of Burnett’s Cherry vodka. And that’s something nobody wants. On one hand however, these cherry treats can bring you back to a time when hiding cheap liquor from your parents in your sock drawer was the only option.

Bottom line: Put some thought into it and buy your significant other something nice for Valentine’s Day. These cherry M&M’s will not be mine (you see what I did there?) any time soon.

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