Chocolate Candy Reviews: Feed Your Obsession

Fruit Cupcake Oreo Cupcake

Bacon Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

It’s a whole lotta flavoring going on. Coming from Pop! Concorn, Popcorn Your Way– Gourmet Mix in Popcorn, this flavor set promises to either offend your stomach or take it on a taste sensation. Each flavor individually is great, but mixed together will it be too much? Or just enough?

The cone like packaging is a standard of the company’s. I do wish it were resealable, once I tore the top off, that was it.

It looks well coated, lots of caramel, lots of chocolate hardened on (and probably in my arteries later) and bacon salt.

Lots of bacon salt.

This stuff is great. I went in fully expecting to be a little disgusted and I am not. Decent quality chocolate, the caramel is a good solid sweet and buttery one and the bacon salt gives it a nice smoky taste at the end. I found one piece with the bacon salt caked in, ate it solo and am now conducting a search for procurement of a bottle of my own. There is a little bit of aftertaste that is almost BBQ like.

Bottom Line: You want to do this. Whether it’s this specific flavor or you create your own mix in popcorn creation.

If you’ve ever wanted to mix in gummy bears, Oreo cookies, cereal (Cheerios, Pebbles) or spices like basil, rosemary or thyme, this is food journey you should take.

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