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Baci Perugina Double Layer Chocolate Candy Bar

Perugina is one of the most well-known Italian chocolate brands enjoyed all around the world.  The company was founded in 1907 in a tiny workshop in Perugia, Italy by Giovanni Buitoni and Luisa Spagnoli.  In 1922, Luisa created a unique confection to symbolize her affection for Giovanni and wrapped each chocolate candy with a love note. The name of these chocolates became “Baci”, which means kisses in Italian.  In 1988, Perugina was bought by Nestle but production still remains in Perugia, Italy.  Earlier this year, the company debuted the Baci Perugina Double Layer Candy Bar in both milk and dark chocolate flavors.


Perugina Baci Packaging

The packaging has a Disney-feel to it, with stars and a romantic picture (very fitting for the name “Baci”). There is also a picture of what the chocolate candy bar will look like.  The only noticeable difference in the packaging between the two bars is the color, with the dark chocolate having a dark blue wrapper and the milk chocolate having a light blue wrapper.

Interestingly, I couldn’t find anywhere on the dark chocolate bar packaging where it stated the percentage of cocoa.  After searching on Google, I learned it is made up of 51% cocoa. This seems like a low percentage compared to most dark chocolate bars which range from 70-99% cocoa.


Perugina Baci Appearance

As I opened the first bar, I noticed that the inside of the wrapping had the signature love notes that Baci chocolates are famous for.  Almost immediately, the room was filled with the aroma of sweet chocolate and hazelnuts.  After I opened the second bar, I realized that both the milk and dark chocolate bars looked exactly the same!  I had a hard time differentiating them without the packaging.

The bars are called ‘double layer’ chocolate bars because they actually have two layers, with the bottom half being a darker chocolate.  This layer is what makes up the 51% cocoa in the dark chocolate bar.

Perugina Baci Close Up

The bars have a smooth appearance from the outside but you can see hints of hazelnuts peeking through the top layer.  Once I broke a section off it was clear that the chocolate is packed with hazelnutty goodness!   It also snapped well and broke off easily without any pieces falling.  Both whole and chopped hazelnuts filled the inside of the bars, giving it a lot of texture.


Perugina Baci Taste

I tasted the Baci dark first and was a little disappointed in the lack of cocoa flavor.  However, it wasn’t overly sweet and the flavors were very balanced.  The texture was wonderfully complex, with the rich, creamy hazelnut gianduja complimenting the crunch of the chopped hazelnuts.  Gianduja is a sweet chocolate spread that contains hazelnut paste, and the two flavors are clearly a match made in heaven.  I loved the various textures of the hazelnuts after the softer, velvety smooth chocolate melted away.   The aftertaste is equally balanced and you’re left with a pleasant nutty taste.

The milk chocolate bar was milder and sweeter.  Like the dark, it has a perfect mix of textures; the softer chocolate layers melt together while the nuts are crunchy and bring complexity with each bite.  I preferred the milk simply because the dark chocolate may disappoint someone looking for an intense dark chocolate flavor.

It’s no surprise that the veteran chocolate company decided to transform the famous Baci chocolates into a candy bar.  They’re whimsical, delicious and difficult to share with others!   I personally loved the milk chocolate bar.  I highly recommend the Baci Double Layer Chocolate Candy Bar to any fellow chocoholic!


2 thoughts on “Baci Perugina Double Layer Chocolate Candy Bar

  • Anna

    Hey, thanks – I learned a new word – gianduja. Everything hazelnut is amazing! I’ll add this to my list.

  • marianne

    Missed out on the dark chocolate as they had sold out. Went with the milk chocolate that was very, very good. I am not a milk chocolate person by nature but it worked here as the hazelnuts came through loud and clear. Who needs Nutella when you have this bar in the house?

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