Chocolate Candy Reviews: Feed Your Obsession

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Archives: June 2009

Taza Chocolate Mexicano

Taza Chocolate is a small chocolate maker in Somerville, Massachusettes that uses traditional Mexican stone mills to grind organic, fair trade cacao beans to create a unique and intensely flavored chocolate. The ingredients list pretty much says it all: Dominican cacao beans, cane sugar, Costa Rican cinnamon. That’s it. At least for the flavor we’ll be trying today: Cinnamon. They also offer Vanlla Bean, Green Chiles and Almond. It took me awhile to decide which one to try at $4 a pop, it’s a big decision.

Kit Kat Chocolate Candy Postcard

Leave it to the Japanese to be able to send Kit Kat chocolate postcards through the mail. Nestle hit one out of the park with this marketing campaign, appealing to both the unusual and fun. Who wouldn’t want to get a Kit Kat postcard in the mail?

Hershey’s Black Cherry and Almond Chocolate

A Hershey’s milk chocolate bar studded with black cherry bits and almonds was obtained by wandering the Rite-Aid-esque aisles in Canada recently. Sure I already know what the Hershey’s milk chocolate and milk chocolate bar with almonds tastes like (I’ve had s’mores after all) but what happens with black cherries are added to the mix? And does the French on the wrapper make it somehow fancier?

Coconut M&Ms

Hitting the shelves a little earlier than the predicted August, Limited Edition Coconut M&Ms are here in your local 7-11s and grocery stores for all the coconut chocolate candy goodness you can handle.