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Archives: April 2009

Pistachio Chardons: A Heavenly Chocolate Candy

Today, the word chardon is designated to this delicious chocolate candy treat. This recipe, courtesy of Chocolate Epiphany: Exceptional Cookies, Cakes, and Confections for Everyone, is completed by rolling the chocolate exterior of the candy along a wire and letting rest on a cooling rack as it hardens. This gives the candy its signature spiky appearance. The pistachio paste makes this Chardon truly one of a kind, bestowing a bright green color to the inside of the these gourmet treats.

Kit Kat Senses

Once again, chocolate candy manufacturers, in this case Nestle, try to bring the public a lower calorie alternative, while at the same time letting…

Chocolate Candy Roundup

Easter always bring out the craziest and the biggest candies…right? Well Italy goes the extra mile this year with the behemoth chocolate Easter egg….