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2008 Cocoa Heaven Chocolympics – The Chocolate Candy Bar Relay

Hello and welcome to the first annual Cocoa Heaven Chocolympic Games, broadcasting live from the Chocolate Bowl in beautiful downtown Cocoa Heaven. This competition will put these chocolate candies through their paces and ultimately decide the world’s best chocolate. Today a special report on the 400 Meter Chocolate Candy Bar Relay. Our focus: Team USA. Representing the US is the Hershey Team, a well established American team that’s synonymous with chocolate within the US borders. But can they bring home the international gold? To find out we’ll be profiling the members of this team, and giving you the scoop on what to expect from these fearsome competitors

Hershey\'s Milk Chocolate with AlmondsFirst up: Milk Chocolate With Almonds. Forever in the shadow of his older brother and teammate, Milk Chocolate, Almonds has worked hard to establish his dominance in the field of chocolate candy bars. While not as well known as his brother, Almonds’ tenacious spirit and delightfully nutty flavor goes the distance. Unfortunately the uneven placement of his almonds does make for an uneven run, so expect the unexpected.

Hershey\'s Cookies \'n\' CreamOn second leg is Cookies ‘n’ Cream. A bit of a controversial figure in this year’s games, CC was nearly dropped from the games after rumors surfaced that he contained no cocoa butter. However, quick testing revealed that CC indeed contained the appropriate amount of cocoa butter, making his entry into the games valid. Most commentators describe CC’s style as smooth but that ultimately it’s tiring over long distances. In a relay or dash though, CC usually ends up in the money.

Hersey\'s Special DarkNext up is Special Dark, perhaps the weak link in Team USA. Internationally criticized and lambasted by fans and fellow competitors, Special Dark’s style is sloppy and unrefined. Fans of the sport say that Special Darks brand of competition leaves a bitter taste in their mouth that lingers longer than it should.

Hershey\'s Milk ChocolateIn fourth position is the one, the only, the all-American: Hershey’s own Milk Chocolate. Here in the US it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched in some way by the remarkable career of Milk Chocolate. One of the oldest American competitors and still one of the stalwarts of the game, Milk Chocolate remains idolized and lionized in the states. Overseas he’s been criticized as a show-boater and grandstander. But it’s hard not to love his plucky spirit and can do attitude. It’s well established that he can go the distance, but can he pull together his rag-tag team of misfits to bring home the gold? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned to Cocoa Heaven for further coverage of the 2008 Cocoa Heaven Chocolympics!

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