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13 Foods Mashed Up with Chocolate

Here’s a list of 13 foods that have been either mixed, dipped, folded or topped with chocolate that you wouldn’t think go together, but as with all things chocolate…are proving to be the next best thing! (In most cases.)

Chocolate Quesadillas
At first you think of guacamole and sour cream, but this powdered sugar delight is less pico de gallo and more churro.

Chocolate Covered Bacon
It’s all the rage these days, what else can you do with bacon? Add to bourbon, put on a donut, wrap other meats with and apparently, coat and drizzle in chocolate.

Chocolate Zucchini
Besides being an excellent food/cooking blog, it’s also a cake recipe.

Habanero and Tequila Truffles
Habanero with anejo tequila ganache and a chipotle seasoning finish doesn’t sound half bad! At first glance of the ingredients you’d think it was martini or steak marinade, but as a truffle….

Chocolate and Basil
Paired together in this crinkle cookie, the idea begins to warm on me. I do like to keep my basil to my Thai and Italian foods primarily, but who wouldn’t try basil with chocolate?

Delicious Summer Days with Ghirardelli

Chocolate Pasta
It’s beautiful isn’t it? At first you think of a dried version and what color the water might turn when you boil it, but Garrett Kerns’ creation gives it a whole new meaning.

Dark Chocolate Rosemary Ice Cream
This in depth tutorial inspired by a Godiva chocolate rosemary mousse will have you re-thinking your next trip to Baskin Robbins.

Chocolate Corn Flakes
Breakfast has never been so tasty. Mixing chocolate with breakfast cereals really isn’t anything new (Chocolate Rice Krispys, Cocoa Puffs and all) but the flavoring isn’t nearly as intense as directly coating corn flakes with chocolate.

Chocolate Beer

Done right, it’s the only drink you’ll ever need.

Chocolate Beef Jerky
Not chocolate dipped, but actually incorporated into the rub and marinade that the beef sat in before being dried! Roasted cocoa beans and powders make this a jerky that’s both a snack and a dessert.

Chocolate Cheese
Image if your Kraft Singles merged with chocolate. That’s basically what the Chesdale chocolate cheese is. Limited (thank goodness) to Asian markets this “cheese” is finding it’s way into some strange grilled cheese sandwiches.

Chocolate Covered Hot Dog
This one is for the strong stomachs in the crowd. Personally I couldn’t but you better believe that someone did!

Chili and Chocolate Potato Chips
Walker’s released this flavor earlier this year, but I said it once and I’ll say it again: The chocolate candy lover in me celebrates this, but the common sense in me fears it.

If this doesn’t inspire you to think about your chocolate outside of the box…then just grab the nearest vegetable and Snickers and get chewing!

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